The Law of Generosity – The Key to Abundant Love

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It’s imperative that we give plentifully and the law of generosity is the universal law that guides us to living in abundance. By being generous in all that we do, think and speak we begin to manifest more opportunity to grow in our own life.

Almost all of the top leaders and great masters in the world are extremely generous in their nature, thoughts and action. There are many ways that you can be generous, I think many people look upon generosity as giving of money. But generosity goes much further than just giving of money and material resources.

There is always some resource that we have total ownership of that we have an abundance of, whether it be knowledge or skill set, time, positive attitude & inner strength, kindness, love, or whatever else you can think of, but it doesn’t always have to be physical resources.

It can be as simple as always being happy and having a nice smile to give others, I’ve known a number of beautiful people who didn’t have much in the way of monetary wealth or things, but they were known as “smile” because they were always happy and had a lovely smile to give.

But the law of generosity truly does slot in with all the other laws of the universe, as they are the essence of being generous. They all compliment each other in a generous and abundant way that creates a beautiful harmony.

The Law of Generosity   The Key to Abundant Love

The main universal law that I feel lends itself to the law of generosity is the law of abundance. If you can live in abundance and share with abundance whatever it is you have to give, then your life is so much more fulfilling.

If you look at this relationship further between abundance and generosity, and then study how Jesus when he was in human form was able to multiply fish, bread and wine in such abundance, it was through his generosity and extreme knowledge of the universal laws. Jesus knew that he could utilize any of the universal laws and just by thinking them, so they appeared (that’s the law of as above, so below).

There are actually hundreds of universal laws and one of the best sources of knowledge on these laws are in the book “The Universal Laws of God” by Joshua Stone. Within his book he explains about all the universal laws there are, as his first volume is 300 odd pages long and makes for amazing reading, and you’ll learn so much about yourself along the way.