The Law of Honesty – The More Honest You Are, The Better Your Results Long Term

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Everything you do revolves around the law of honesty. There may be times when people seem to be getting ahead faster than you, but if they don’t have honesty instilled in their actions, they’ll be short circuiting their success in the long term.

You have to remember that the law of reciprocity and the law of as above, so below, is inherent in every action we do. And if we wish to be treated with honesty, we first have to act with one hundred percent integrity and honesty also.

We need to become what it is we wish to receive in our own lives. So if we want success we need to study success and put into place the principals of successful people. But if there is no honesty in place, we could become impatient and break the law of patience, which states to progress in a steady pace, knowing that you will have what it is your most dominant thoughts transpire.

So by being impatient and wanting to get to our destination, our goal for success sooner than the universe wants us to have it, we’ll in turn be inviting a process for potential disaster sooner or later.

It’s far better to stay in alignment with all the universal laws, as they are just that “laws” that if broken have natural consequences in the form of lessons. These lessons take us sideways and away from our goals, further and further while ever we wish to pursue the shortcuts. Sure you may still reach your goal, but at what and who’s expense and in the end, even if no-one ever finds out of your dishonest actions, you’ll know about them.

The Law of Honesty   The More Honest You Are, The Better Your Results Long Term

As we become wiser, we know that a path of purity and cleansing means, staying in alignment with mans law, and much more importantly God’s universal laws which include the law of honesty.

There are many of us that live in accordance with the laws of man, because we feel they are more of a threat to us than that of the invisible universal laws. We’re more scared of getting caught speeding, than breaking the universal law of harmlessness by not being aggressive on the road, losing our cool and speeding in the first place.

I could explain many scenarios where we break these universal laws, which cause us so much “dis-ease” that if we only knew why we felt like we did, we’d be able to undo the problems that manifest from breaking these universal laws.

What the law of honesty is trying to tell us is this, live your life in a way that is true to yourself, be who you are, and allow your good hearted nature to expand and develop. Play by the rules of the universe and it’s laws, and deep in your heart you’ll feel great about yourself and closer to God’s energy than ever.

And while there’ll be people out there that will prey on your good hearted nature, you’ll learn how to tap into and utilize the energy of the universe and it’s laws to overcome any such incidents in a loving and peaceful way. Just as a martial artist student learns to fight, so that in turn he doesn’t have to fight, you’re going to learn the laws of the universe so that non-universal concepts cannot affect you.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, the law of polarity teaches us this. So when somebody tries to be dishonest towards you, you’ll identify it, and either veer away from their actions or as you veer, you’ll return a random act of kindness back to the dishonest action. These actions are not in expectation to “change” the dishonest action, but rather to balance the dishonest act of the person who committed that act towards you.

Why would you act this way towards someone who treats you so?

Because you’re the more enlightened of the two it’s up to you to stop the process of actions not in alignment with universal law. Imagine for a moment if you were to react to the dishonesty taken towards you, and you either become aggressive or retaliated with your own dishonest actions? In other words fighting fire with fire, which we all know, no-one will win.

The only way out of such scenarios is to peacefully bypass the actions all together, and to let the other party know that you don’t appreciate their actions and dis-respect, but at the same time returning those actions with kind thoughts and random acts of kindness to stop the dilemma in it’s tracks.

In finishing up here, it’s love, honesty, peace, respect, compassion for those of us that don’t have the understanding we have that will allow you to actively (but non-interferingly) teach the principals of the universe by our actions.

This is the way of the enlightened and aware being, practice these laws until you know them and have adopted them as second nature. There are many lessons in life that you can apply them to as you grow, but I guarantee you’ll come out feeling much better about yourself, as you change yourself and the world with one beautiful action at a time.