The Law of Joy – How To Connect To The Universal Energy and Light

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The most beautiful thing you can experience is the law of joy. When you live in joy, you wake up to the wonder of a beautiful day, a day that you are in awe of your own being, the awe of being alive, drawing breath and being able to experience “life.”

Once you discover the art of living in constant joy “nothing” and I mean nothing, will ever disgruntle you again, unless you let it. Joy is the way God the universal force, created the world in the first place with a wealth of abundance, happiness, peace for the joy of the inhabitants.

But because God gave “free will” to us, we decided to turn our heads to the beauty and joy that was built into the earth to begin with. We chose to try and take more than we thought mother earth had to offer, and in our foolishness, we began taking, and taking and taking from her. Over time, greed crept in, and we took to competing between ourselves and trying to dominate, by being the ones who has the most “resources” which were taken from mother earth, so that the man who has the most money, labour and brains wins.

Now, the problem with separating ourselves from the universe, and in competing like we do, in essence has taken most of the joy out of life for many thousands of people. The best leaders in the top corporate companies around the world, say they “love” what they do and are passionate, but what about the numerous thousands who work in jobs they don’t really like, or may I even be as bold to say “they hate.”

The Law of Joy   How To Connect To The Universal Energy and Light

In the fight to be the number 1 business, most wealthy, most competitive, most dominant, we’re not only utilizing the resources of mother earth, but the inhabitants living in mother earth to endless degrees. And because of this “un-natural” quest to dominate, which is contrary to the law of abundance (i.e. enough for everyone) the resources are being used faster than they can be rejuvenated.

I’m not saying that business and tapping into the resources and endless beauty of the world is wrong, as it was designed to be abundant and provide abundantly for its habitants. What it wasn’t designed for was, the artificial mining and overuse of its resources.

However, if we do tap into the everlasting “spirit” intelligence of the universe, we can begin to go about things in a totally different way, ways that are in alignment with the natural universe, we’ll tap into a truly endless and abundant resource of the universe.

Through this intelligence, we’ll not only find solutions to end this dominating behaviour, but a sense of joy and “oneness” that will endear us to work, live and prosper together the way God intended it, not the way human nature has created it.

Once the world experience the unity consciousness and the law of joy, peace, love and harmony will be restored to the earth the way it should. So I urge you, to begin the process of joy within yourself, by being happy with where you are right now. Be content in yourself, be creative and tap into the endless genius of your God being, and you’ll begin to move the consciousness of the world to live in alignment with the law of joy.