The Law of Kindness – Being Kind Means Being Kind to Ourselves Too

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When we live with the law of kindness, we become understanding, compassionate, accepting and unconditional in our love. The law of kindness is something a lot of us live by in the fact that we are kind to one another and other living things in our life. The fact that we are a race of beautiful human beings, who by and large want the best in life, for ourselves and others is very important.

So why then, do we seem to be most unkind to ourselves, and we drive ourselves harder and expect more than others expect of ourselves?

If we truly want to be kind to our society and others, then we in turn need to embrace ourselves as we are and be loving and kind to ourselves first and foremost. If we have kindness in our hearts, we’ll be more likely to be kind to others too.

Kindness is a state mind, it can be learned and is often a result of how many of our habits were formed, from childhood experience. Everything that has formed our lives to where it is now, is from some experience of our past (especially our childhood).

We may have had a very harsh life early on, one where the lesson in our life was to endure pain, suffering, discrimination, poverty and other “against the odds” situations. Or maybe we had everything we could have ever wanted, wonderful surroundings and complete support. But whatever we experienced back then, we need to learn from it and not blame our parents, or anyone else for where we are now.

The Law of Kindness   Being Kind Means Being Kind to Ourselves Too

Most importantly, we need to be kind to ourselves at whatever point we are at in our journey. By holding on to the anchors of the past and attaching a label to them, like so many of us do in blaming the past, present and sometimes the future fears, we allow ourselves to become ever so bitter and loose our kind streak that we’re all born with.

We have the perfection of God within us, and this perfection is also pure love and kindness. So this kindness was meant to be spread inside ourselves first and foremost, just as God intended it.

The ease that will come into your own life and the feeling of joy, love and peace by being kind to yourself and accepting yourself no matter what, will be amazing for you and for others. I firmly believe that you need to become the kindness, compassion and love that you want to experience in your own life, because our lives are after all, a mirror of our own actions, interactions, thoughts and desires played out on this physical plane.