The Law of Leadership – Have a Strong and Pure Vision and Others Will Follow

The law of leadership is one that states to be first in your field, class or market. It is also where someone takes charge and can create and lead a team of followers in an effective manner. In the context of universal laws, it would be more the latter than initial business context, but I would like you to notice how diverse this law is and how it could just as easily be applied to marketing, business, your life and a group of followers.

No matter what we apply the law of leadership to, whether they are a business team of colleagues in a directors board, an organization of employees, a sports team or any other situation where people actively seek you out and look up to you. And the thing is, even if you have one person who learns and follows you, it makes you a leader.

Coaches, mentors, bosses, sports team captains, politicians are all in leadership roles and the law of leadership applies. It’s amazing however, how so many people don’t truly know how to lead people, and the art of leadership has often been thought of by this analogy “You can’t push a piece of string, only lead it” and so it is with leading people. Great leaders truly have passionate followers, and they never “force” their people to do anything they don’t want, but rather help them see past the “not so good” tasks that need to be done, and reward them duly when completed satisfactorily.

Great leaders are where they are because they’ve had front line experience and been through the ups and downs of life, business and relationships and come out the other side with their battle scars, but all the better for going through what they went through.

The Law of Leadership   Have a Strong and Pure Vision and Others Will Follow

People love to follow the great leaders who have “made it” and are willing to lead others to success, because they see themselves in the others just starting. This is the law of reciprocity in action, great leaders like to give back what they’ve been fortunate to accumulate over the sometimes, many years of learning how to get to where they are now.

When you come across a true leader, a mentor who wants to gift their life’s experience to you so you can grow, prosper and succeed, while at the same time helping them to succeed, you’ll truly feel blessed.

I’ve been lucky enough to have manifested a number of great teachers in my life, who I’ve worked with and become very good friends with. I’ve sat with multi multi millionaire CEO’s of companies that bring in tens of millions of dollars a year and the one thing they all have is, a tremendous sense of humility, humbleness and a need to help others.

These great leaders wouldn’t have otherwise got to where they are, if they first hadn’t helped many others be successful at the same time. But in this case, the leader is most successful because they’ve helped and extraordinary amount of people to be succeed in their life.

You too can aspire to be a top leader and the chances are you are already a leader of some sort, because if you interact with anyone at all, you have the chance to lead. Please don’t get the concept of leading confused with being in “control” all leaders know that it’s not about controlling people, but rather instilling deep trust in their people. This trust is the basis of all relationships and is what will inspire people to follow and join you and just be in your company.

I hope that I’ve helped you understand a little more on than you did when you began reading this article. Here’s a thought that I’ll leave you with “Great leaders are made, not born” with time, effort, education and application you’ll have the chance to become great too.