The Law of Non-Comparison – How to Be Yourself Again

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The masters taught the law of non-comparison as a principal where we can see ourselves as identical to others, and that we chose to have in our lives exactly what we have. Just as others have chosen exactly what they have in their lives, and there is absolutely no need to compare yourself to others.

The very act of comparing ourselves to others means that we either end up inferior or superior to that chosen person. And the very action of living your own life on purpose should be enough for you to be responsible for, let alone the comparing your own uniqueness to others.

We can often look back at things we’ve done and compare in hindsight what we would have done, but by going back to where we once were, is taking you back to square one once again, because we know that what we focus on expands. We’ve already overcome the past experiences that we once faced, otherwise we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Often we try to explain, justify and excuse why we acted a certain way. But in doing so we may not hear or see what others are trying to teach us via their communications. By defending ourselves due to comparing how we handle things, as opposed to how others would, we begin to distract ourselves from our ultimate purpose. We are in essence breaking the universal law of non-comparison.

If we continue down a path of trying to understand or find out what others are thinking, talking about or have compared to us, we are going to live a very scattered existence. This scattered action and thought process, takes away our power to focus intently on what we’re supposed to be doing in fulfilling our own purpose.

The Law of Non Comparison   How to Be Yourself Again

By setting our sights on a solid and good purpose, as long as it’s realistic and doable in our minds, comparing what others are doing or how their doing shouldn’t come into the picture. You need a single minded focus on achieving your goals, we won’t allow others to change our direction, because we’ll be concentrating with laser focus on completing our goals, desires and purpose with no distractions from what others think.

When you set a goal for yourself, and move forward to fulfil that goal by making it your life purpose. The only time you should be distracted by others, is when others are at the point where you want to be, and they can constructively teach you how they got to where you are striving to achieve.

And as soon as you learn “exactly” how someone has achieved the success that you’re after, you go about setting the intent of doing what they have done, but in your own unique way. However, you’re not going to try and change the formula of what the successful person has done, you need to follow their steps exactly and with concentrated, non-distracted focus.

What often happens however is when we find someone who has done exactly what we want to achieve. And then we begin to move towards our goals following what the successful person has done, then midstream, we take our focus of our immediate goal and become aware of the larger picture.

And in becoming aware of the larger picture (which is the goal of what we want to achieve) and comparing ourselves to the person we’re learning from, often to our detriment because we then break the law of non-judgement and non-comparison at the one time.

But if we just slightly adjust our comparison to the person we’re learning from whose already achieved our goal, and use it as an inspiration, while understanding that we too can do exactly as they have done (because we have the same makeup as they do), we know that all we have to do is put the lessons into practice.

All you need to be aware of so that you don’t become disillusioned in your quest to fulfil your goals, is this, learn to evaluate the success of those who have done what you want to do and not compare yourself to them.

For example, I workout in the gym everyday and I aspire to have bigger muscles and less body fat. I see people in the gym that are much stronger than I, and have way less body fat than I, and I also see people who are less stronger than I but still have bigger muscles and less fat. So the way I handle this scenario is, not by saying to myself “oh you’re hopeless, look at them, they are bigger, fitter and more toned than you,” but rather by asking them “how did you do what you’ve done? Or What is the key to your success?”

By evaluating these people who have more experience than I do, and then gaining their guidance and looking upon them as my inspiration where I want to be, then I have some very powerful goals in place as opposed to some very destructive self-sabotage triggers which come from low self-esteem which is ultimately derived from comparing myself to them.

I also want you to know that, it’s perfectly ok to aspire to being the greatest in whatever field it is you choose, but then upon further inspection of the greats in that field, you realize that you may not be as passionate as they were. Because quite often, someone who is extremely successful in anything, is so very passionate about what it is their doing, they lose track of what’s going on around them to achieve their goal.

The key is, as they reach their goals, they aren’t comparing themselves to others, they are just focussing like lasers on a target, to move toward what it is they want. In other words, they set their intent, find the knowledge to achieve it, and then “Act” on it.

I hope this has helped you understand that you are not inferior, or superior to anyone as we each have our own very unique abilities, talents and qualities. If we focus on “equality” in the fact that we’re all different, but we can achieve the same as ultimate equals we’ll be so much more happy and content in our lives.