The Law of Patience – The Universes Message to Us, To “SLOW” Down and Enjoy Life

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Patience (law of)Are you in alignment with the law of patience? Are you able to work towards your goals and not become irritated and try and take shortcuts to reach them faster, quicker and in with lesser stress?

The above questions are seemingly the way the world is moving, as things “speed up” faster and faster. People are driving their cars with more speed and even more aggressively in an attempt to get to their destination in less time, and heaven forbid if someone who actually drives the speed limit or a few miles below should be in front.

We seem to be living in a more intensely quick world, where a lot of people are what I’ve coined the term as “hyperplaning” through life. We are skimming our way through the situations that we don’t consider important to savour, like driving to and from work, waiting in line at the shopping centre, or waiting or our food at a restaurant.

And what happens when our expectations aren’t met on time? We become irritated, annoyed, and some people even become dangerously aggressive. So why does this happen, why are most of us in such a hurry to go nowhere special?

Whether it’s from information overload, work overload, or just the immense amount of variety that we have these days for getting our hands on whatever we want, and in a very quick sort of way. We’ve been spoilt and conditioned to acquiring things “fast.”

Larger highways, that allow more and more traffic, with more lanes so we can go faster and faster. More fast food restaurants are appearing, even the humble hamburger shop is getting quicker at delivering their food, the shopping malls have multiple “quick” checkout lanes. And the funny thing is, if we don’t move faster than the other lanes, we get “impatient” and “short tempered” as we aren’t moving at the rate we’ve grown accustomed to.

The Law of Patience   The Universes Message to Us, To SLOW Down and Enjoy Life

I’ve come to the conclusion and observed that society, especially in the larger cities around the world, has grown ill from a speed virus. I like to call it “Speed Sickness,” and it’s extremely contagious, and the side effects are even more contagious.

How can we overcome speed sickness?

By employing the law of patience in our lives, and learning to slow down (which is really swimming upstream and different) eventually you’ll begin to like the withdrawal from “The Madness” of speed sickness. And it is a sickness, and as destructive as alcoholism, drug dependency and any other addiction.

Now you might be thinking “yeah right, how’s being impatient the same as drug addiction?” Well, if you take speed sickness and mix it with the stress of day to day life, the stress of a job that you possibly don’t like, or some other source of immense stress and you then have a deadly cocktail where something has to give.

There are many reasons why you would want to being “slowing down,” firstly, the immediate threat of accidents, oversights of accuracy and not being thorough because you’re in a mad hurry. Secondly, if you happen to live many years in what we know as “The Rat Race” and speed driven cities, the stress could create imbalances within your mind (mental breakdown), and within your body, creating “dis-ease” processes and many forms of illness.

So by living out of sync with the law of patience, in essence puts you out of alignment with the law of balance as well. And we all know very well that “balance” in your life is essential for your well being, success and longevity.