The Law of Perfection – You Are Perfect No Matter What

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Perfection (law of perfection)We have all been designed in alignment with the law of perfection, which is in the image of God’s loving energy and light. Without the love of God, no living creature or organism would exist or could exist.

If you imagine yourself as being part of the perfection of all creation, and that you originated from the source of creation itself (God), so that the light energy that is warm, loving and secure is radiating everywhere and soaking in to everything.

Now if we go a step further and realize that you as a human being are just one sparkle of that light, but part of it none the less so that you’re made up of the exact same qualities as the main ray of loving and perfect light.

Inside of us is the spirit and power of God, the universal light of creation, which is known as the universal blueprint. If each of us as human beings we this universal blueprint inside us, then we know that perfection lies inside all of us.

Because we feel separated from God as human beings, and limited in our powers, still doesn’t mean that we weren’t born with the power of God within us. You might ask “how do we develop this inner power?” and that’s a very good question. Allow me to explain, in order to develop our inner power, we first need to learn and become aware of our own spirituality and develop that through meditation (allowing of God to talk to you and guide you).

The Law of Perfection   You Are Perfect No Matter What

As we become more spiritually attuned, we end up remembering what we initially come to earth for, it’s like an awakening process. The more and more aware we become, the more the blue print of God’s love is active within us, because as we develop and become more powerful, we are more adept at controlling the knowledge we have acquired and using it for great good.

We were designed by God to have the perfect energy of love inside us, just as the God energy is perfect love. Nothing exists in God other than light, love and positivity, and that energy is within us. The reason why our lives go sideways on us and veer away from anything less than the perfection we were created in, is due to our rights as human beings to have free will. The thing is, whenever we do anything that conflicts with the natural laws of the universe (and we’re certainly free to do so), we create situations in our lives that are challenging and less than perfect along the way.

As humans here on the physical plane we place so much emphasis on physical perfection, and we can tend to ignore or neglect our spiritual, thought and emotional bodies. There is a blueprint inside of us, that is in the image of God called the “Immaculate Concept” which means we have God’s concept inside of us.

In the physical world, we see many forms of imperfection, deformities and non-attractiveness. Because we don’t understand why such imperfection, afflictions and problems can occur, but every time we come in touch with such imperfections, we need to look deeper into their inner workings, to see what is in their heart, rather than judge what is on the exterior.

There are many lessons to learn from imperfections that may not be seen as normal in our world on a day to day basis. Our bodies are only the housing that holds our spirit for the time we are here, and we chose the body that we live in, we also chose the mother who gave birth to us for the particular lesson we wanted to learn while here on earth.

In summing up, when we look at the law of perfection and living in perfection we need to find our essence of spirit, then connect it with all things great and small, perfect in appearance or not. Once we begin seeing with a different vision which is based on internal (spirit) beauty, and not on external (physical) perfection.

God is you, and you are God, you created yourself perfectly, with or without physical imperfection or flaws. Once we look at the heart of all living things and connect with that beauty, we begin to see and love as God does, which is complete alignment with the law of perfection.