The Law of Praise – Make People Feel Important, Praise and Be Praised In Turn

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Everyone loves to feel important and the law of praise makes it so. This is a law that allows us to give our appreciation to others in an open, safe and loving way. Not only do we gain soul nourishment from giving praise, we are able to raise our own energy and vibrate at a higher rate of being.

It was Dale Carnegie in his book “How to Win Friends & Influence People” that said “everyone has a silent sign on them saying, please make me feel important.” I believe if you can develop the skill of praising others in a tactful and sincere way you’ll make a lot of great friends and be well liked because of it.

The law of praise even extends itself to animals, take for example, dogs, horses, cats, birds, just to name a few. They know and can feel the energy of loving praise when it’s given from a heartfelt level.

The statement “praise the lord” is probably one of the most prevalent that we know, and basically it means be thankful for all the beauty, love and peace that the universal energy (God) has created on this earth for us while we’re visiting in our earth bodies.

So, it’s with this law of praise that if used in conjunction with the other laws that we’ll prosper and grow.

Just think for a moment if praise didn’t exist, and you might begin to see just how invisible this force is on a day to day basis, and with the most simple of things. Imagine if as a baby, when you first took a step and walked that you weren’t praised and given encouragement? You probably would still end up walking, but you might have taken a lot longer to do so and it wouldn’t have been as enjoyable for you, even as a little soul experiencing a new activity.

The Law of Praise   Make People Feel Important, Praise and Be Praised In Turn

Every day in our working life, when we complete a project no matter how small, even if it’s just sweeping the floor if someone says “good job” it makes you feel better. Then in return we utilize the law of reciprocity which and return the praise to someone else, because we are in a joyous mood and good moods are a very contagious energy indeed.

I have come up with a goal to praise as many things as possible during the day, mainly because it’s better than the alternative which is ridiculing everything. Praise is also very much in alignment with the law of thankfulness, and we all know having an attitude of gratitude is building a stable base for more abundance in our lives.

In essence, praise is a beautiful act that when given from the heart, costs nothing but can change people’s perception of the world, of you and then allows their energy to vibrate at a much higher rate.

So by being in a praising state of mind, we prosper in all aspects of life and encourage beauty to flourish.