The Law of Responsibility – Everything Starts and Stops With You and Me

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Responsibility (law of)You may or may not realize that the law of responsibility is one of the great governing laws that affects the way we all exist. It’s from the adherence or lack of adherence of this law that creates your life and the world we live in up to this very day.

Every situation you find yourself in, comes from either one of two things:
1. Your lack of responsibility
2. Your thoroughness of responsibility

And one thing I can tell you “for certain” is that you are 100% responsible for everything that happens within your life in some way, shape or form. The thoughts we think, the actions we take and the words we speak can have enormous effects in other areas either directly or indirectly in our lives. Some of these outcomes we’ll never gain full understanding as to why they happened until we leave this earth school and go back to our source, to once again, go over the lessons we wanted to learn as humans.

I know this analogy has been overused, but if the flapping of a tiny insects wing can cause a tornado on the other side of the world, thousands of miles away, what can our thoughts, actions and words do if we use them incorrectly?

The crux of the message is “we are responsible” for everything we do, think and say, but anything outside of our own actions are not our responsibility. But if you consider that if we spread an idea from where we are now, it could travel the world and magnify each time we spread it, so if the idea was a good one, it could grow to be great and vice versa.

The Law of Responsibility   Everything Starts and Stops With You and Me

So what I’m saying here is, if you’re going to take action on something, take positive action, talk positive, and think positive. Because, the side effects of thinking, acting or talking otherwise (also our responsibility) can create less than desired effects.

For example, if we want a certain job, and believe we can get it, we can see it in our minds and have a knowing that we’d do great in that role. We set in motion the intent to make it happen from our thought, which then will cause us to talk to people about what it is we want to do, then that will create actions and a result.

Now I’m not saying that this is all you need to do, but it’s the very basics and eventually, you getting the job you want, or anything else for that matter will come back to your responsibility “to think,” in a positive way to set the outcome in motion.

Our thoughts are so powerful as an energy form, that we really need to be careful of what we think as it really does create our environment. And when you look at thoughts as things, actual real life energy that exists the moment you think it, they can be extremely powerful.

It’s our responsibility to be in alignment with the positive outcomes and positive purpose here on earth. You might think that I’m crazy with what I’m about to say, mainly because not many of us (until recently, or even now) have heard about what I’m about to explain.

We are responsible for all the processes in our bodies we are even responsible for cancer, heart attack, tumours and any other debilitating afflictions.

How can this be you ask?

The thought process I mentioned to you earlier is the culprit and where other do we solidify our thought processes from other than our early childhood. If we had parents, relatives, teachers or friends who had dominant thoughts (but mainly our parents) we would adopt them innocently. As we grow up we attract others with the same thoughts, and conflict with those that though otherwise. And it’s in that conflict when we don’t know how to handle it that the beginning of “dis-ease” processes begin to manifest, and sometimes they don’t surface till many years later which we put down to “old age.”

If we take the analogy of the insect flapping it’s wings once again, and liken it to the conflicts we’ve had at any point earlier in our lives, that is the origin of where all illness and disease processes begin. From our thoughts (the flapping of the insects wings, so to speak) we create the positive or negative consequences (the tornado) in our bodies, and our lives.

So the one thing I wish to impart to you about this law of responsibility and how to use it to live in conjunction with it is awareness. Now that you’re aware of this law you can begin to think your way into better alignment in your own life, and please don’t be hard on yourself if you find yourself getting caught up in the blame game from time to time. Simply be aware your trying to blame someone or something else, catch it when you think about it and lovingly send it on its way and replace it with some other thought, action or words that correct it.

Remember, you’re responsible for everything you think, say and do, so make them count and you’ll live a beautiful life that is on purpose for you and for your God energy, which is to be kind and loving. By knowing the other laws of the universe, and being responsible for living to them in your own life, you’re creating harmony and beauty and that’s all you can do as you go through this earth school process of learning what your soul needs to learn.