The Law of Self Love – Accepting Yourself is The Most Important Thing

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The law of self love is one that states we need to be in complete peace and harmony with ourselves, before we can begin to positively affect others and share our love with those who may need some caring.

I don’t mean that you need to be “in love” with yourself, or full of yourself, but you must have a healthy respect of who you are, and what you stand for. Being true to yourself and knowing your purpose in life is crucial to applying self-love to yourself.

Quite a number of people aren’t comfortable with themselves and they turn to external physical methods to “forget” about the world and their setbacks. But this isn’t doing much for the world which we live in, and are here to help heal by first healing ourselves and isn’t a suitable solution long term, but rather one of destruction both within the person and for the world as a collective whole.

The fact that a large number of people dislike themselves so much, that they’d intoxicate themselves by abusing alcohol, tobacco and other substance abuse is quite concerning. You see you have to ask yourself, what good is this action going to do for myself, and for the larger community?

Many people don’t even realize that they don’t like themselves by the actions they take and don’t believe they need any help or corrective action. And quite a number are on the next level of awareness that they are in an area where they can improve and either seek help, or work on themselves to improve. Then there’s the final group who are self-aware of their spirit and their own inflictions on themselves derived from their thought processes.

The Law of Self Love   Accepting Yourself is The Most Important Thing

We cannot do much for those who don’t know, what they don’t know, they are in a land of blindness, often following the lead of other blind individuals. And an enlightened person, wouldn’t try and change them in any way, but rather try and leave clues for them to work their own way out. Because the enlightened or aware being knows that we’re all on the path exactly where we are meant to be, and that everyone needs to go through their own struggles (and get themselves out) before they move onto the next level of awareness.

Sometimes, it can take years, or even decades to find yourself and see the forest for the trees, because we’re so close to ourselves. But as you become more aware of yourself and begin to “wake up” to your own divine intelligence, you’ll begin to sought the council of wiser and more enlightened people who have walked a mile in your shoes so to speak and actually straightened themselves up.

It can often be difficult to pull yourself away from your peers, who are act in a certain way. For example, you might be in a group who loves to go out dance all night, get drunk and wreak havoc in other ways.

Quite often, we begin our awakening processes in the form of a “tap on the shoulder” from a life changing or outstanding event that we can’t explain, which then changes our outlook and circumstances. It’s when we realize that we cannot keep going in the direction of our friends, employers, colleagues etc, and challenge the norm, that we can come up against the next struggle, which is “change.”

However, change is a process that is quite cleansing for you and your surroundings. People come and go, and you “must” stay true to yourself and the calling of the universe, by listening and watching what happens in your life. It’s at this point, we begin to move forward, learn, and elicit growth in ourselves, which in turn will create a sense of self-esteem and from there the law of self love comes into alignment.

The more aware we become, and the more educated we become, because we’re seeking out the lessons at this point, and not waiting for them to come to us and tap us on the shoulder (or if the lesson is amplified enough, due to us not taking notice of initial taps from the universe, it could be a big hit over the head).

The world is undergoing a massive positive change, and I believe at the moment a “purging” is going on. All the wars, killing and hatred will come to a point of saturation where it just has to stop, and at that point, a new consciousness and movement towards earth going back to the way it once was designed to be like, “heaven on earth.”

And this will be the time we all join together as what is known as “unity consciousness” which will effectively eliminate greed, competition, and the need to be better than others.

Once we all begin to love ourselves and apply the law of self love, we’ll change the world one person at a time for the better, and in doing so, we’ll have all we could ever want in abundance.