The Law of Thankfulness – Have a Thorough Attitude of Gratitude

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Thankfulness (law of)The law of thankfulness is something that we seldom practice. I’m not talking about politeness and good manners, but rather the gratitude that we express for general everyday common things. It’s easy to be thankful for the large things, but the baby steps that we don’t realize are occurring and bringing us closer to our goals and most importantly God are the ones we need to be aware of.

An attitude of gratitude is something that is taught by many “ultra-successful” teachers, mainly because it works. We don’t need to know why it works, but if we practice being thankful, we’ll raise our own energy levels and feel a lot more connected to God.

So, you may be thinking that someone who is already successful can be thankful and be in alignment with the law of thankfulness, it’s easy for them to be thankful as they’ve already succeeded.

But the key here is, you need to be thankful “well” before you ever make a single step towards your own success. You might even be at a stage where you’re dead broke and living from pay check to pay check. If this is you, then you need to take stock of what is there in your life to be thankful for “right this moment?”.

I guarantee you, you have at least one thing to be thankful for, even if you have nothing, are living on the street, or even on your death bed with no family or loved ones around you to see you cross over to the spirit realm.

The Law of Thankfulness   Have a Thorough Attitude of Gratitude

I understand this scenario, as I’ve been there, as have countless thousands of others before me. I say this with a hope that it helps in some way, no matter what part of your journey you’re on and what ultimate success means to you.

When I was just starting out and had very little in the way of possessions, money or abundance in the physical sense, I was thankful for having loving people around me, a God that co-exists with me and gave me the energy and free will to manifest whatever it was that I wanted to create.

Having the backing of God behind you is one very powerful and beautiful thing to have knowledge of. Once you have this knowledge and awareness, you’ll be grateful just to be breathing, you’ll be grateful for your own health, body, and faculties. Whatever it is you have, you’ll be thankful for, and that will raise your vibration to a level that is in constant connection with our creative forces.

Once the universal mind knows that you are grateful for whatever it is you have, it will then allow more to come into your life. But never the opposite, this is why so many people who come into masses of wealth, by winning or inheriting fortunes, lose it just as quick as it came. Somewhere deep down in their sub-conscious they don’t feel deserving, and that comes from a lack of practicing thankfulness from an early stage.

So what knowledge I can impart to you here is this, be thankful for everything you receive, and everything you have, thank your bed in the morning for allowing you to have a wonderful night’s sleep, thank the water that comes from the tap so you can have a nice clean drink of water and thank the air that we breath that it’s clean and life sustaining.

I hope you take this law of thankfulness and in your new awareness of this law, become a practitioner of it, silently inside your own mind thanking everything for coming into your life (good and bad) so that you can learn the lessons you need, so you can become closer to the source that created you.