The Law of Unconditional Kindness – Your Key to Inner Peace

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Imagine a world where the law of unconditional love was the focal point of society. Where the people are beautiful and accepting, there’s no hostility, war, greed or anger. And in this “ideal” world, sharing kindness, love and compassion is the currency to being great.

The more you share, love and be kind the greater you are, and the higher the pedestal people would put you on. But the thing is, you don’t want any form of “ego” driven applause, because you are so very humble and only want to do what’s right and live in alignment with the law of unconditional love.

Now, I want you to keep the consciousness from the above scenario and plant that thought deep within your mind and carry it with you. You see, for some living in the world today, just having a minuscule amount of love could change their life, but unconditional love is something out of a fairy tale.

I want you to think deeply now, what good could we do if we were to walk down the street, and interact with someone by giving them a plain and simple “unconditional” smile? And how could that affect their day, how could it affect their life and their entire way of looking upon the world?

The Law of Unconditional Kindness   Your Key to Inner Peace

I once did this and found out a lot later, after that person become my good friend, that they were about to go home and end their life, right before they received a smile and a kind word from myself. I remember it as plain as day, this particular person who was a friend of mine back at the school I went to, and it was one of the most powerful lessons that the universe has ever taught me.

My friend was a rather weak, mild mannered person, who never disturbed anyone, but was the butt of many jokes and disruptions through her life at school. I myself wasn’t super popular, but I was well respected and could mix with both the popular kids, the smart kids and the ones that had challenges (to say the least). I was like a kind of school mentor, who was the go between when conflicts arose.

It was in my paying attention to this one girl, who I’d never spoken much to as she always shied away from everyone, that my life was changed. After she realized that I was safe to talk to, and not going to exploit her inner most feelings, fears, and thoughts, I learned that she was planning to commit suicide. I in my innocence of such things (I was only 15 at the time) drew on the council of a teacher, a deputy principal at that school.

He advised me that all I could do was to try and be kind to her and not much more. Because this girl had fallen head over heels in love with me, because I was the only one to speak with her, and show her kindness, unconditional love and acceptance.

She often used to write poems, which stated her happiness in me being her “one and only” friend, and without me in her life she would end it. That was when I began to be gravely concerned for her well being, and I certainly didn’t want to be the reason why she left this earth. My love for her was that of a kind friend, one who wanted to do right by others and not focussing on my own greediness and self-absorbedness.

The advice I got from my teacher was something that I only understand now, in the study of the universal laws and the energy of spirit. He told me all I could do is be kind, and not to get too involved with trying to help her. I didn’t understand why he said that back then, but I do now, later on I realized that all the teachers had tried to help this one girl and she in fact had a very troubling past family life. There was nothing more I could do, and the course of events in her life was out of my control.

If I had have allowed her to gain power by saying to me in her poems “without you in my life, the only solution is suicide” (and she actually wrote this to me), I realized that I’d become the victim and allow her to control me and my feelings. And that’s why the wise teacher who I sought council from back then, openly stated to not get too involved, there’s nothing you can do for her, except be kind and project and unconditional love to her in your thoughts.

The moral of this lesson on unconditional love, is you never know who or how you’re going to affect someone else by showing them love and acceptance. You’re certainly going to make many beautiful friends, and change their lives for the better because you showed them understanding and kindness.

I’ll leave you with this one piece of wise advise, I once had a mentor of mine ask my dad (who is a very spiritual person) “what is your purpose?” here on earth, and he replied with only two words… “Be Kind” and that pretty much sums up living in accordance with the law of unconditional love.

Be kind to everyone, everything and most of all yourself, and you’ll begin to see and feel a shift in your life that is nothing short of miraculous!