The low down on skate shoes

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Skate shoes are a necessity in skateboarding. Yes, another necessity. There’s a lot of these I know. But, wait. Back up here. Let’s talk about why you may not be moving forward quickly with skating.

There are some things, which are necessary to get better in skateboarding quickly. But you won’t truly get all of the value from these things unless you have or do all of them together. Then you can truly have fun and get better so fast. It wont even seem hard to learn.

It helps having them, but if you are missing any of these things it can slow you down. Skate shoes are one of these things. You don’t need the most expensive model or the newest pro edition. You just can’t learn to skate well in tennis shoes or something similar.

There are many cheaper versions of shoes you can get. Some are great for their price and others are just Chinese rip offs. There are a lot of shoes out there, so obviously I haven’t tried them all. I have tried most brands though. Now, I don’t like to judge an entire brand (or, well line of shoes) off of one purchase. I do want to give you my honest opinion on shoes though.

Some brands just aren’t as good to me. I guess there is a large matter of opinion though. My best advice is to try out as many as you can before you decide to stick with one brand. There’s a lot to look for in shoes. Let’s go over some of the common styles in shoes and options you have.

The low down on skate shoes

There are skate shoes with gum soles. There are shoes with double laces. Shoes with double holes for lacing. Velcro laces. Plastic laces. Rubber edges. Double stitch, triple stitch, quadruple stitch, and double layered fabrics. Cushions are built into the bottoms. Air inserts are involved. There are different grip bottoms (like van’s waffle soles).

What’s good and what’s hype? I can’t tell you what to like, but I can explain my own opinion. I don’t want to name drop, but I am going to use DC shoes as a great example of an excellent product. They have been around for a long time and have done a great job of advancing the skateboarding shoe industry. Here’s why I really like DC skate shoes:

• Their suede material lasts really well.
• The shoes I get have the triple stitch and hold up to many kickflips.
• The air cushion is awesome for stairs, when you bail and kill your heels.
• The pill bottoms are really grip worthy.

Now, they do have a great shoe, but no shoe is perfect. A few things I wish would be better about them:

• Laces rip way too soon.
• Heelflips wear out the back really quickly.
• They have a hefty price tag.

As you can see, even leading companies in the industry can’t please everyone. I hope you’ve found some great qualities to look for in a skate shoe. Try out as many as you can and you will find what you like.

Personally, I look for certain things. A decent price is very important. From there, I like my shoes to have good durability. Of course I can’t give up style and looks. They have to be appealing to me. I’m not really into the gummi soles. I find they don’t grip well. They last long though, but that doesn’t help if it doesn’t grip. If you can only get one pair a year, maybe I’d go for those.

I also like extra layers of material and extra stitch. This adds to the life of the shoes. Oh, and let me give you an idea of what qualities I find a hoax. Hard plastic pieces where you need grip from your shoe. These are cheap scams in my opinion. I find that suede gives better grip than the rubber sides. The rubber sides also get ripped up after about ten kickflips.

Ok, I hope this article was helpful and you have an open mind to try different shoes still. You never know what you will like, so just try them. Until my next article, slow down, relax, and skate on.