The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection Using Massage And Relaxation Therapy

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How does massage and relaxation therapy effect self esteem? Self esteem is intricately connected to our physical state of being and can help to enhance and heal, or work to deteriorate our overall health.

Touch has been used as a healing medium for centuries. The art of massage and relaxation therapy has been around for a long time in many forms.

Even the act of imagining a relaxing event can bring you into a more peaceful state of mind.

Close your eyes and think of sitting down on the soft warm white sand of a tropical beach. A gentle breeze passes over the palm trees and the azure blue water is crystal clear. You tip your toe into the water, sending small ripples of energy outward, yellow fish swim just out of reach, moving with the disturbance in the water in graceful motions, little black and yellow striped fins and tails darting about, dancing in the water. The sweet scent of tropical flowers wafts by in the warm wind…

The Mind Body Spirit Connection Using Massage And Relaxation Therapy

When I do this short little meditation exercise I can almost feel the warm sand in my fingers, the sun on my face and breathe in the intoxicating scent of exotic flowers.

So much of our state of mind comes from our physical senses. So doesn’t it make sense that massage and relaxation therapy would be a wonderful way to alter your internal world?

Do you have tropical vacation scene on your computer desktop at work? I know I do…doesn’t it help just to imagine going on vacation?

Having Fun Is Great Relaxation Therapy!

It’s been a long day at the office, your neck hurts and your back is all knotted up from bending over a keyboard for 8 hours. You stand up and stretch, naturally trying to release the tension with a physical motion. When you rub your neck you are instinctively giving yourself a massage.

Message manipulates your body in such a way as to release stress and put you at ease, releasing toxins in the process and allowing your body to tend to healing and restoration.

There are many types of massage and relaxation therapy.

One of the components used in massage therapy is often soothing sounds, waves, rain, chimes. Sound therapy is part of the process as well.

This component can be used apart in “Sound Healing” as well