The More You Know About Fear, The Less It Will Affect You

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Fear is one of the biggest obstacles to our progress, growth and success. But it isn’t something that should be just swept under the rug, figuratively speaking. In other words, one of the least constructive ways to deal with it is to repress it. But neither should we let it dominate us – not by a long shot.

Our minds – driven by our egos – have a tendency to worry and fret over situations which often have not even happened yet. When we encounter something we’re not quite sure about, our mind will often do one of the following: leap into the future and start imagining all sorts of negative scenarios, or leap into the past, dredge up some painful experience, and relate it to our current situation.

By exploring how we become afraid, we can understand it, learn about it, and learn to manage it. As we begin to understand it, it becomes much less – well, frightening. We’ll discover that there’s not much to it at all – nothing, in most cases.

It’s actually a simple emotion – with simple root causes.

As with many negative emotions, when we are afraid we tend to do one of two things:

   1. We do whatever we can to avoid it (sweep it under the rug), and therefore never deal with it at all. As a result, we live much of our life in its grip, never doing, having, being, expressing or enjoying the things that we truly want and deserve to. Does the following statement sound familiar? (You fill in the blanks.): “I would ——, if only ——.”

   2. We succumb to it and let it control our actions (we let it dominate us). This sometimes means not doing anything – being ‘paralyzed by fear’ – or doing something else non-constructive to mask it… such as acting out with false bravado, intimidating or lashing out at others, or frantically doing one thing after another and making no forward progress at all.

So how do we change this?

The More You Know About Fear, The Less It Will Affect You

Understand it, and learn how to manage it!

Conquering fear is possible – but there is more to it than that. It is not something to be fought, warred with and beaten into submission.

Sometimes we’re even afraid of positive things – success, for example. There doesn’t seem to be any reason to be afraid of success. But we often are, subconsciously, because it represents something outside our comfort zone. Perhaps we’re afraid of added responsibility, or how those in our family or current social circle will judge us if we succeed. Perhaps we’re scared that we’ll get what we want and then lose it again.

In all of these cases, what we’re afraid of is based on imaginary circumstances. If you look back on times when you’ve been afraid, it’s likely that what you were scared of never materialized in most cases… but it still caused you to hold yourself back. The only way to get past being afraid is to confront it directly. Once you start to understand the reasons you become scared, confronting them becomes easier and easier.

No such thing?

On a survival level, fear is something that is designed to get our attention. It can instinctually alert us to potential danger, for example. But that’s where its influence should end. Once we’re aware of something that’s causing us to be afraid, we have the ability to objectively examine it and consciously choose what to do next… and that’s where fear’s influence should end.

But so many of us allow ourselves to become paralyzed. We picture negative outcomes to actions and situations, and then we dwell on them. We get so swept up in imaginary pain – pictures of failure, rejection, sadness – that we fail to act at all, even if the action we want to take has a better chance of producing positive results than negative ones. But in most cases, the consequences of not doing what we fear are actually worse than the possible negative consequences that our mind conjures up.

In addition, the more we understand about our true nature and place in the universe – Infinite Energy – the more we understand that there is no reason to be afraid of anything at all. To quote from A Course In Miracles, “If you knew who walked beside you, at all times, on this path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear again.” Being one within Infinite Energy, you have the choice of how to act in any situation, and the choice of what to focus on. By facing what you’re scared of and acting in spite of it, you will find that you empower yourself immensely.

When you are unafraid, the universe opens up to you. On the path to discovering your true nature, you may still feel afraid from time to time – but once you understand where fear really comes from, it will cease to affect you. Eventually you will come to know that it has no basis at all, and you will be able to rise above it!