The Pantheon Rome – A Great Place to Visit for a True Sense of Rome’s Treasures

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The Pantheon Rome – Despite being 1900 years old, The Pantheon in Rome remains one of the city’s best preserved ancient treasures. Rich in architectural interest as it is in history.

Since being built its always been a religious shrine of sorts – originaly as a temple to 12 of the most important classical gods, and, since its conversion in 608, as a Christian church.

The Pantheon Rome   A Great Place to Visit for a True Sense of Romes Treasures

Its not exactly as it was, of course,- the bronze cladding from the roof was stripped off in 667 and Bernini claimed the remaining bronze from the roof beams allegedly for later use in St Peters in The Vatican. The bronze doors remain, however, and the interior is as striking as its ever been.

As a church it contains tombs of eminent Italians, including the Renaissance artist Raphael and Kings Vittorio Emanuale 2 and Umberto 1, as well as Vittorio Emanuale’s Queen, Margherita.

Outside, the Piazza della Rotonda hosts a thriving cafe culture where you can sit and watch the world go by – its one of our favourite places to eat, and there are a couple of outstanding, smaller, hotels situated in the square.