The place to be for party games 8 years old and up

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Fantastic! Now you are looking for games for older children. Party games 8 years old and older can include games where a children more developed abilities can be used. From this age they can start enjoying board games and strategy games. Games that stimulate their interest. In fact, children in this age group play well in competitive games individually or in groups.

Party games for 9 and 10 years old are no different. Children in their early school years enjoy many games using abilities that have developed in these growing years.


General Knowledge

At this age this and other party games 8 years old are fun for children as they show off the knowledge they have been gaining.On a large piece of paper, randomly write all the letters of the alphabet in big letters and draw circles around them.Each child is given another lined sheet of paper with 3 to 4 categories printed in column across the top of the page. At the end there should be a column for the total.
Categories could include things like:

  • boys names
  • girls names
  • Cars
  • household items
  • Countries or states

and so on. Categories should be in areas the children are most likely to have knowledge.
Each child takes a turn to touch a letter of the alphabet on the selection sheet with their eyes shut.
Cross out the selected letter and then all children must write under each column the name of something that fits the category.
As soon as the first child is completed the round is over and all must stop.The answers are then checked and points are awards. 10 points for unique answers and 5 points where names/answers/items are the same as another children.




I took a long time wondering if I should put this one on the site. Everybody knows it! Everyone will think of it! But I after all that I decided to put it on to jolt your memory of how fun it can be. It is also a good game for stimulating imagination. For this game, players are either given the name of something or they think of one themselves. Without using any talking, they then have to get the other players to guess what it is. Objects can be selected from a number of categories:

  • Books
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Music
  • Actors
  • Names of sports
  • Car Names
  • Name of places, cities or countries

The place to be for party games 8 years old and up

You get the idea, there are a whole lot of categories. I recommend selecting for the children and writing each one on a separate slip of paper. When they play, they draw a paper from a bowl that they are all jumbled up together in. That way no-one knows what they are going to get.