The Pokemon Craze – Kids Go Crazy

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Kids all over the world are still crazy about Pokemon. This Pokemon storm has been around for some time and is still going strong. What is it all about?

There are Pokemon cartoons, Pokemon trading cards, Pokemon videos and games, coloring books.. everything you can think of. Even my 5 year old can name all the Pokemons. His favourite is Jigglypuff, though the most famous Pokemon of all is Pikachu. Pikachu’s trainer is Ash.

Pokemon is short for Pocket Monster. Not the hideous terrifying monster, but cute little ones. You know. Like Sesame streets monsters. While Sesame street monsters like Elmo are furry cute, Pokemon monsters are wide eyed, adorable pet like cute.

That’s all the similarities they have with our favourite children’s educational program. Pokemon is very different. It is more of a fantasy world. Kids Science fiction maybe?

You see, each pokemon has its unique set of powers. Pikachu can electrify his opponents, (at least that what it looks like to me). Each has its strength and weakness. They live in these little toy balls kept by the pokemon trainer.

The Pokemon Craze   Kids Go Crazy

The main purpose of a pokemon is to fight other pokemons, gladiator style. The trainers will teach the pokemons how best to use their strengths and how to overcome their weakness. How to win a fight fairly.

Simple storyline but very fascinating stories to watch. I actually enjoy watching Pokemon videos with my kids.. but then again, I love science fiction fantasy of any sort.