The Poker-Table And Poker Gear

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Now get yourself your very own poker-table!

So you know all the rules of poker, got comfortable with the lingo and can’t wait to get going. You may already have played on-line poker and know that you enjoy yourself battling against anonymous players anywhere in the world. So how else can you take part?

Well there’s nothing more exciting, bonding and somehow relaxing – all at the same time, as having your buddies round sitting at your very own poker-table, having a beer or two, a few shots of JD and perhaps some vodka!

And you don’t really want to play amongst the left over dinner plates on you kitchen table – do you?

So just splash a little cash on some decent poker gear, a poker-table and set up a poker room in your pad

Of course you can spend some money on a table top poker-table – just move those plates away and sit this on top. If you want a pro game, buy yourself a proper stand alone table. This will make the set-up much more like a real game.

So, here is a list of the essentials (besides the booze of course). And whilst, we’re talking about booze, just remember that too much booze will cost you money. If you want to walk away from the poker game with some profit, drink modestly, stay in control and make sure that your opponents drink much more than you do! Of course, if you’re just playing for fun, drink, drink, drink and play.

The Poker Table And Poker Gear

So this is the essential poker gear you need:

A Poker-Table and of course some comfortable chairs

When setting up to play poker at home, get the largest poker-table that you can fit. Usually the good ones can seat up to 10 players. Obviously, you are going to want to store it away, when not in use, so a good folding table is what you are going to need. Some come with a storage/carry case, which will make it easier to store away and protect.

You’ll want the poker-table to be strong but reasonably lightweight, so that you can set is up and put it back easily. Of course, you’ll want it to fold neatly, to take up as little room as possible in storage.

Make sure that the green felt covering is good quality and if possible has a padding of around 1/4” under the felt. The felt should cover both sides of the poker-table and should be washable.

Some tables come as ‘reversible’ with blackjack on the back for instance

If you afford it, buy one with poker chips and drinks trays. It should have strong steel legs.

If you simply haven’t got the room, then buy a table top version.

Poker Chips

You will soon realise that the weight and feel of your poker chips is vitally important. Why? Because you will end up sitting at your poker-table for hours, fiddling and playing with these and if they don’t feel right, nor will you.

Generally, poker chips come in various weights, 5, 9, 11.5 and 13.5 grams. Some are made from plastic, and some from composite clay. All casino chips are 39mm in diameter. Personally, we like the feel and sound of the 13.5 gram composite variety. Some suppliers describe them as 14 gram. These are the ultimate poker chips. As they are made from clay, they will fade and break a little more easily, so take this into account.

But again, this is a personal thing and you should get what you feel comfortable with and what suits your budget. Poker chips are well priced, so you could try something lighter first and then move up later if you wanted.

You can also, buy personalised chips and Branded versions like the well respected World Poker Tour.

Sets normally come without printed values on them, so that you can set your own betting structures. However, the norm is WHITE used as $1), RED (used as $5), BLUE (used as $10), GREEN (used as $25), BLACK (used as $100)

As a guide, you will need around 300 mixed chips for a 3 – 4 player poker game, 400 for 5 – 6 players, 500, 7 – 8 players and 1000 for 9 or more.

Poker Chip Case

Essential to store and protect your chips. You can buy different sizes and a case will prove invaluable if you want to take your favourite, lucky chips with you when you play at someone else’s poker table. Cases come in different sizes and materials. Choose from Leather, Wood or Aluminum (Aluminium).

Some cases will also have room for your card decks

Poker Cards

There are may varieties out there, but make sure that you invest in a couple of good quality sets. Make sure that they can be wiped clean, plastic playing cards are good for this. That they deal well, feel good and retain their shape. We use Modiano and Bee-cards. The World Poker Tour cards are also good, if you want to get into their brand

Dealer Button

Got to have one of these to throw around the poker-table and of course to show who the dealer is!

Big Blind And Little Blind Buttons

These are available, buy you’ll probably get bored with using them after a time. Good for beginners to get used to where the ‘blinds’ are at the poker-table.

Automatic Card Shuffler

We don’t use these ourselves, but pretty useful, if you simply cant shuffle properly or are just too slow (or drunk).

Poker Sets

You can simply just go and grab yourself a complete poker set.

These usually include a case, several decks of playing cards, a dealer button or two and of course a selection of poker chips.

You can even get a complete set with a poker-table included.

Definitely, consider this option when starting out, if you are a poker beginner, if you have a low budget or just simply want to take the hassle out of buying all the poker pieces separately.

The problem with this option is that, the actual set may not have exactly the poker-table you want, have too many decks or poker chips that you simply don’t like the feel of.

As we say above, if your budget is limited, just buy what you can afford initially and then upgrade later.

The stores that we use are all very reliable, have excellent good quality poker gear, deliver quickly, even out of the USA and in some cases guarantee to offer the lowest prices.