The Power of Belief in the Law of Attraction

The power of belief can not be ignored, underestimated, scoffed at or even snickered at without using it. It’s kind of funny that way. In other words, the power of belief increases with the intensity of the belief and diminishes if you don’t believe. What is belief?? Dictionary.com defines belief, using words like “unsubstantiated “, “faith”, and “trust”. This applies if your talking about your religious or spiritual beliefs or just whether you think you’re good at basketball. We should realize what we believe affects every aspect of our lives.

I’m not referring to morals here, but your values do play a part in your belief system. Whether you think it is OK to act a certain way or perform a particular action is usually dictated by your own personal ethics. Many people derive their moral compass from their religious beliefs, which are learned over many years. This constant exposure to a set of rules,cause us to form our own beliefs. The thing is we often don’t stop to evaluate much of the input we receive, especially as children, because we trust the source, whether that source is our parents, teachers, friends, clergy or almost anybody. When we form our own personal belief systems. Without planning and critical evaluation of our individual beliefs, we may come to believe strange or even outrageous things, and never even realize that we’ve been programmed or brain washed into less than productive thinking.

The Power of Belief in the Law of Attraction

Recognizing and then altering limiting beliefs is an excersise that takes an open mind and lots of introspection. You may have grown up in an environment that discouraged you from taking chances and now you believe that safety is derived from maintaining the status quo. This is one of the most common and “limiting” beliefs.

Can there be a totally “right” or “correct” belief system?? One that helps use the power of belief to achieve nervana or whatever desired destination or state floats your boat?? I think not! I think you should look at beliefs as the foundation of your house. If the beliefs are supportive, your house stands, but if they are “limiting” (a popular buzz word in the self improvement world), then additions onto your domicile may risk structural collapse or sinking the home into the ground

So how do we use our beliefs to our advantage? Well that may not be possible. We may need to actually change what we believe.

Identifying core beliefs: We’ll dig way into the past, to discover how we came to have certain beliefs. As adults, we can look at them more objectively and critically and ask if these beliefs are still (or ever were) valid.