The Principle Laws You Should Know

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It is important that we understand the principle laws that govern our being. Often we are dangerously our own worse obstacle. Unconsciously we make statements that condition us or program us to believe that we are underachievers. This compounded with another’s ignorance in understand the principle law of “what you think you are you are and what you say you are you are or God’s law is “the power of the tongue” tends to put us in a position to feel that it’s a hopeless situation.

Thus we become paralyzed in our actions and as Dr. Myles Munroe states in his book Understanding Your Potential we go to our graves with untapped potential buried in us. I strongly recommend this book as a must read. Talk about a tool to challenge you to birthing the potential within you, this is it! It has empowered me to tap levels of potential in my life that I didn’t think possible and definitely didn’t speak.

I believe that we are all born good natured people and that learned behaviors condition us otherwise. It’s amazing how we can recount those painful moments in our lives when we were on the receiving end of others words of death, frame by frame. That then being the truth we also are capable of depositing in one’s spirit words of life that empowers them. Those deposits of words of affirmation or encouragement serve as reference points for us in times of opposition. Choose life in your daily conversations and interactions with others. You never know when you exercise this principle law whose life you are saving. Make it a daily practice!

The Principle Laws You Should Know

I once heard a quote- which I’m not sure where it originated- but it is very true and that is “If you want to make a change then you have to do something differently”, another principle law. God’s law says you must be “born again.” If what you are doing isn’t working then try something new. For some you have practiced this principle before and it worked for you. But now you are faced with another challenge or level of potential in your life and you have somehow forgotten what you learned, practiced and it produced. So to you let’s get on track and exercise the power of your words.

It is a known researched fact that once you have practiced something repeatedly for ninety consecutive days that it becomes a habit. I want you to get into the habit of verbalizing daily positive affirmations, confirmations and motivational statements to yourself and about yourself. Look in a mirror as you state them. Say it aloud, project your voice with confidence and maintain good posture. Learn these principles and you have the empowerment to become more than a conqueror or as the Army put it be all that you can be.