The RAM Memory Upgrade – Increases Computer Performance Plain and Simple

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RAM memory upgrade is one of the best ways to increase computer performance.

Windows XP Computers
Since Windows XP was introduced a few years ago, millions of computers have been sold with a mere 128 megabytes of RAM memory.

128Meg of RAM is not enough memory
for Windows XP to operate efficiently.

During normal operation, Windows XP will try to load the program your are using into RAM memory. With your program in RAM, you micro-processor has faster access to the data it needs. Your computer runs more quickly.

What happens if there is not enough memory for Windows to use?

Windows swaps to the hard drive
Your programs are stored on your hard drive. Compared to memory, the hard drive is very slow.

 The RAM Memory Upgrade   Increases Computer Performance Plain and Simple

When there is insufficient memory to hold all of the data that Windows needs, it “swaps” data from your memory to your hard drive. This slows your computer’s operation. This swapping goes on all the time, but it’s much less with adequate memory. Less swapping equals better computer performance.

256Meg Minimum
The minimum memory for proper operation of Windows XP is 256Meg of RAM. You will notice improved performance all the way to 512Meg. With more than that, you will not see much improvement.

How much memory do I have?
There are two easy ways to determine how much memory you have.

    1. Go to control panel. Click on the “System” icon. It will show you the memory installed.
    2. Use DXDIAG like this: click start > Run > type in dxdiag > click OK

Install the memory yourself
You can install the memory upgrade yourself, or have it done for you for a modest cost.