The raw food diet?

What is the raw food diet?

Well, first, lets establish what raw food is.

Pure, uncooked, organic, sweet, crisp, enzyme-rich, oxygen-rich, anti-oxidant rich, and unprocessed, living food.

It is the best of the best. Food at it’s most natural and wonderful form.

So let’s have a look at some of those.

List of raw foods

  • fresh fruits and vegetables,
  • nuts, seeds, grains, beans and legumes,
  • dried fruit,
  • seaweed,
  • fresh fruit and vegetable juices,
  • purified water, and
  • green tea, herbal teas.

Basically, we can eat anything on the raw food diet. And they are all the best and yummiest foods available.

Raw food consists of foods which have not been heated above 116F/46C.

Heating food above this level kills enzymes, creates carcinogens, and mutagens, and free-radicals, and other toxins associated with all manner of disease, colds, flu, allergies, endeometriosis, IBS, diabetes, heart disease and cancers, just to name a few.

Have a look at this word – disease. It is just another way of saying dis-ease, our bodies are not in the state that they should be in. They are ill. Not at ease.

The raw food diet?

Raw foodist

I have read that to be a raw foodist means your diet must consist of 75-100% raw food. My own personal experience says that to be really healthy, the ratio should be more 85 -100%. Based on this, I am proud to proclaim myself, a raw foodist.

The raw food diet

The raw food diet itself, is simply put, a combination of the above foods, in various different ‘concoctions’.

Nuts, seeds, and grains can be blended together to make dehydrated crackers, pizza bases, and muesli (granola).

Fruits and vegetables can be blended together to make glorious smoothies – minus the dairy. And so nutritious.

Nuts make delicious milks, who needs dairy.

Salads are not the boring lettuce, tomato, cucumber fare which many of us were raised with. They can be glorious concoctions, with beetroot, mushrooms, sprouts, onions, sweet potato (kumera), and more.

Zuchinni can be turned into ‘pasta’.


Truly the raw food diet is a cacophony of delights, colours and tastes.


In my recipe section I will feature my own recipes, but I will also have some links shortly for a few wonderful raw food recipe books and courses which are available. There are some remarkable people in the raw food industry. And their recipes are devine.

Definitely not to be missed. To fully experience and enjoy the raw food diet, we must be willing to experiment a little.

You know how it is said, ‘out with the old, in with the new’. Although technically, the raw food diet, isn’t a ‘new’ thing.

It has been around for about 6000 years.

It was the initial diet introduced to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, by God Himself. It’s got to be good for us.


Shopping raw will open whole new horizons for us. Not to mention the time savings when we are able to avoid most of the isles in the supermarket.

What a blessing.

A word on dried fruit. Make sure when purchasing these yummy treats, that you avoid the fruit with sugar, or sulphur, or vegetable oils. Just get the plain dried fruit – or better yet, purchase a dehydrator (not sure which one, I will have a review of dehydrators and a link to the one I recommend coming very soon).


I have also read the arguments about a raw food diet being deficient in calcium, protein, iron and B-12.

There is enough evidence to support that if our diet has all of the parts to it, (see above the list of raw food), then we will not be deficient.

These natural foods have all the nutrients we need.

Oh, but what about all those wonderful smells from cooked foods?

Well, my family has a theory on that – the sensational smells of cooked food is all the marvelous, health giving enzymes, and antioxidants, God-given nutrients, wafting away forever.

Try it for yourself. Give yourself two weeks.

Until your body experiences the high from living raw, you may not even believe me.

But the energy, and health giving benefits from living this diet have to been experienced to be believed.