The Scottish Terrier – Endearing little Braveheart!

The Scottish Terrier   Endearing little Braveheart!

Life Span: 12-14 years
Special Skills: Known for ability as small prey hunting dog
Suitability with Children: Yes, although may get snappy as it ages, especially with intrigued small children
Suitability with Other Pets: Yes, if properly socialized from an early age
Living Conditions: Easily adapts to any living condition, although is best suited for cooler climate environments
Trainability: Has a tendency towards stubborn and/or dominant behavior, so will need firm training
Intelligence: Highly Intelligent – though sometimes slow at problem solving
Exercise Required: Medium
Cost of Maintenance: High
Common Ailments: Especially prone to skin conditions and may be susceptible to flea allergies if they get fleas. Also prone to a hereditary disorder called Scottie Cramp, which may affect their movements when they become active. Can be prone to Von Willebrand’s disease, a disorder that causes excessive bleeding.
Breed Characteristics: Despite their small stature, Scottish Terriers, affectionately called the “Scottie” or “Scottie Terrier,” have an extremely brave and even take charge attitude about the world. This attitude is exactly what most Scottie owners love about them. With this in mind, they make excellent companion dogs because they can live in just about any environment, although they love a good game of tug and a nice long walk around the block. Because of their tendency towards a dominant nature, they will need to be firmly handled, and will also need to be watched around small children and other animals. This stubbornness may also lead to wandering, although they usually won’t go too far away from the one or two owners who they are most partial to in the family.A very unique dog, they have a long, wiry coat on the underbelly, face and legs, which will require regular clipping, grooming and brushing, while the coat remains shorter on the majority of the side of the body. The short coat simply needs to be brushed on a regular basis. They have a very serious expression, with long hair for eyebrows, coupled by the long “beard” hanging from their face, almond shaped eyes and perky ears. Most Scottie Terriers are black, brindle, or a cream to wheat color. The average Scottie weighs between 17-24 pounds and will only stand 10-12 inches off the ground, although their short legs and long underbelly hair may make them appear even shorter.