The Secret to Happiness May Surprise You…

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Ah, the secret to happiness. We all want to be happy in one way or another. Creating Life Abundance is all about creating an abundance of happiness. So what’s the secret? The secret is…

There is no secret!

“The secret to happiness” is that there is no real secret. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

There is no holy grail, magic pill or any other “outside influence” that will create true everlasting happiness. And there is nothing that has been “hidden” from you – no secrets at all.

However, you absolutely can create true everlasting happiness… and it’s quite simple too. It all boils down to remembering what you already know, deep inside yourself. If anything, that’s the secret to happiness. And what you already know is:

Happiness is a choice, pure and simple.

You knew that, right?

True happiness is something that each of us chooses for ourselves. You know this already… every single one of us does. However, many of us have had it drilled out of us since birth.

Popular belief, which is generally created by ego- and mind-based, unconscious living, says that happiness somehow exists outside ourselves. It says that we must depend on external things to “give” us happiness; “bring” us joy; “make” us happy. And this is usually what we have seen, experienced, and been taught by those who simply don’t know any better.

The Secret to Happiness May Surprise You...

How often have you heard – or said – things like:

  • “You make me so happy!”

  • “I need something to make me feel better.”

  • “What does it take to make you happy?”

  • “That makes me so happy.”

… or sad, or mad, or anything else?

This kind of language shows belief that external sources are responsible for our own mental state. This is actually impossible… but it’s a very commonly held belief!

The truth is:

External things, events and circumstances – as well as people – can influence your happiness but they can neither create it nor take it away. Ever.

The only way this can happen is if you believe that external sources can give or take anything away from you. If you believe it is so, it will be so. If you believe it is not so, it won’t be.

Think about it. Regardless of what might appear to “make” you happy, where does your happiness actually come from? Only one place…

Happiness comes from you.

Happiness comes from you, as do all your emotions, plain and simple. Therefore, creating happiness is simply a matter of choosing happiness, by choosing where you place your focus.

I know… that can be easier said than done – especially after a lifetime of living with the belief that external factors “make” us feel one way or another. But believe me, you can do it!

So the secret to happiness is…There is no secret at all.

If you want to be happy, just be happy. Regardless of how you feel otherwise, just focus on being happy. As you do this, you will create higher and higher energy. It will literally become your reality.

As so many teachers, prophets and luminaries say, “If you want something (such as happiness), act and feel as if you already have it.” Do this, and it will be so. You will receive it.

It’s a continuous cycle too. The more you are something, the more of it you will attract. In this case, the happier you are, the more happiness – positive energy – you will attract.

Likewise, the more you remain unhappy and focus on unhappiness, the more unhappiness – negative energy – you will attract.

It’s that simple! So which do you choose?