The ski helmet fitting guide

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From this ski helmet reviews information you will be able to happily pick out the helmet for you. As you no your first priority in finding a helmet is to get one that fits, comfortably, while also offering protection and performance.

When you try on helmets

Bear in mind there are different shapes and while the circumference is the same, the shape may not correspond with the shape of your head, and you might have to try a few different models on to find the helmet for you.

Get a helmet that fits now

Make sure the helmet does actually fit you, if you are a child, don’t get a helmet that’s to big that you can “grow into” this could actually be dangerous, your head grows relatively slowly so make sure its the right size.

Tips to buy online

Now if you decide to buy a helmet online bare in mind you may need to order a range of helmets and send back the ones that don’t fit, as helmets are produced for every head shape.

The ski helmet fitting guide

Find your size… Protect Your Head!

This is decided my measuring the distance around that large ball you like to call your head. You do this with a tape measure starting just above your eyebrow then finding the circumference of your head, this tells you your helmet size.

Why You Need To Get The Right Size for You Now!

This is Important, if you get the wrong size, your helmet could slip, but its easy to find out what will fit you once you measure your head, ad a good helmet has its specks outlined on the tag.

The right way to put on a helmet

You need to align the helmets front rim to your eyebrows, on each side hold the straps and use them to roll the helmet over the back of your head. Now you need to check for gaps, the padding should be flush against your forehead and cheeks, and you don’t want the back of the helmet to touch the nape in your neck.

Test Its The Right Fit For You!

You can test the helmets size, using the roll test, by fastening snug and comfortably, then attempting to roll the helmet off, if the skin on you forehead moves (assuming the helmet wont roll off) this is the helmet for you. Make sure you check your goggles still fit on while wearing the helmet and you’ll be set.

To Conclude

Snowboard and even ski helmets are an important part of boarding life, there’s nothing worse then running the risk of a head injury. Knowing a brain surgeon, I have heard a few horror stories of what can happen when things go wrong, and how much a helmet hurts when they do. You need your head! So protect it!