The Smooth 9.25 hr Treadmill – Your Exercise Partner for Life

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The smooth 9.25 hr treadmill stands tall among the wide range of fitness equipment and treadmills available in the market. The Smooth 9.25 hr treadmill is a perfect combination of durability and exercise comfort that makes it your favorite exercise machine for a lifetime.

Wireless Heart Rate Control of Smooth 9.25 hr

This treadmill has some unparalleled features such as wireless heart-rate control with belt and transmitter. This feature of the smooth 9.25hr treadmill automatically adjusts the speed and angle of inclination of the 9.25 hr treadmill for safer workouts. The heart rate zone indicator of the treadmill makes it easier for you to see your heart rate zone at a glance and you can easily find out your heart rate zone. The deluxe dot matrix control of the smooth 9.25x treadmill allows you to view speed, distance, time, pace, calories burned, and heart rate. The treadmill has separate windows to show the speed, distance, time, calories and heart rate so that you do not have to scroll to read the required information.

Smooth 9.25hr Treadmills – the Perfect Blend of Comfort and Durability

The 9.25 hr treadmill is one of the most efficient methods of exercising and it is rightly called smooth because of its advanced comfortable features and smooth trouble free working pattern. This smooth treadmill comes with an extra long 20″x 62″ treadmill belt and 6″ straddle pads. This feature makes this treadmill an ideal choice for interval training and tall individuals.

The treadmill comes with a 3.0 HP continuous duty motor for long life and smooth functioning. The Pulse Width Modulation circuit board of the 9.25x treadmill does not require a choke and capacitor and eliminates electrical hum to make the treadmill really quiet. Moreover, the 2-ply low noise belt of the treadmill and its slip resistant beam top make the treadmill smooth and last longer even under the most rugged use.

The Smooth 9.25 hr Treadmill   Your Exercise Partner for Life

Some other attractive features of the Smooth treadmill are:

  • · 2000 lb pulling capacity of the track drive elevation system
  • · Advanced cushioning system for lower impact walking and running
  • · Heavy duty treadmill frame with life time warranty
  • · User weight limit of 400 lb
  • · Requires minimal assembly and low maintenance

The Smooth 9.25 treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, 10-year warranty on the treadmill motor, 5-year warranty for the belt, deck and rollers, and 3-year warranty on the electronic components. You can check on the Internet or contact smooth treadmill dealers for a discount on a smooth treadmill and to read the warranty clauses of Smooth treadmills.