The Story of Rolex – From Fame to Household Name

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This short story of Rolex tells how the company has grown from a luxury watch manufacturer to a household name and the largest single luxury watch brand by far.

Company Profile

Founded: 1905
Founders: Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis
Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
Main Products: Watches and Accessories
Website: www.rolex.com

Overview of Rolex

The world today calls for every individual to be on time whether is the delivery of a package, bet in to work on time or making it home at a certain time. People used to judge the time by seasons, phases of the moon and the setting of the sun. We have come a long way from that point in time, and now we have the modern wrist watch.

At the top of that list of timepieces is the Cadillac of wristwatches – the Rolex watch. Produced by the Rolex Corporation, production of excellent timepieces that were synchronized to the millisecond became the watchmaker’s norm. When you think excellence in watch design and function, the name, Rolex, always comes to mind.

Keeping in mind that people use the clock for every momentous occasion, Rolex offered luxury timepieces that have remained popular for years. In the modern world, we simply tie the watch to our lives. It has become a symbol of the utmost prestigious piece of accessory one could have.

The Story of Rolex   From Fame to Household Name

Humble Beginnings

All great things come from a humble beginnings, and it’s the same in the case of Rolex. It all began with a collaboration between Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis, Hans’ brother-in-law to start a watch business.

After three years of hard labor, Wilsdorf registered the name “Rolex” as trademark for the watches that they created. It had been said that the name was selected for the purpose of pronouncing it easily in any language. This just showed that they planned ahead for many contingencies of the business. From Rolex wrist watches to the Montes Rolex, SA, the name was simplified to to Rolex.

The first innovation made by Rolex was to produce a waterproof watch. Mercedes Gleitz was the first lady to cross a channel while wearing an Oyster watch made by Rolex. Other first creations by Rolex were dates on the dial, showing of two time zones in one watch and certification of chronometers for a wrist watch. A wrist watch was exclusively made for the elite thus, Rolex gained the reputation of luxury watch maker otherwise known as glamor watches.

However, in 1923, the company offered a self-winding clock to the public. The best mechanism and features of this Rolex watch was tried also during Picard’s journey in the depths of the Marianas Trench. Aside from deep-swimming, the Rolex watch has matched the great pressure of mountain climbing and aviation. All these depicted Rolex’s innovations and capabilities. These watches are not only for good socializing purposes, but also for people who are into sports and exploration of the world.

Cultural Impact

Rolex is not only used for the sole purpose of time anymore, but it has become a much sought after and a great accessory used by famous characters such as James Bond in his early movies. That was just before the price of Rolex watches soared drastically due to it being the number one choice for young urban professionals in every city.

This profile boost prompted the replacement of James Bonds Rolex Submariner as the character and high status of the brand no longer suited each other. But this allowed Rolex to maintain their high prices and its image of being the most luxurious watch that only the upper classes of society could obtain. This era was significant in helping the mention of “Rolex” in every household.

Rolex was sensational when it served as the key to solve a real life murder case, with it being only identifiable object found in the victim’s body. The watch was also instrumental during the Great Escape in Britain. An estimated 30,000 watches were given to the British officers in Bavaria which lifted the spirits of the army, because it meant Rolex creator’s supported those who are going against the Nazis’ principles.

With its colorful history, Rolex is undoubtedly the most famous brand of watch in the world today. No man or woman, big or small who does not know what the word “Rolex” means. Today, this famous watch brand has eight main branches worldwide that supply luxurious and elegant watches for all people who can afford it.

A Rolex watch is not at all a simple tick-tock item. It is a wrist watch of unparalleled quality and magnificence. All models are superior in craftsmanship and are sought after by the rich as a sign of luxury excellence, and who can blame them?