The T-Square Sometimes Known As The T-Cross

The T-Square, sometimes known as the T-Cross, is comprised of two planets opposing each other while being squared by a third planet at the same time. From the diagram, this looks like a big T formation across the chart, giving this aspect its name. Approximately 40% of charts consist of this configuration and hence is considered to be a fairly common aspect. Nevertheless, it often gives rise to a considerable amount of friction, frustration and psychological struggle within the individual.

The Apex Planet

The planet that comes into focus in this configuration is the one that squares both the opposing planets. This is also known as the Apexplanet in the T-square configuration. The Sign and House placements of the Apex planet are particularly important when analyzing this aspect for tension is most acutely felt here. Hence, the individual tends to fare rather poorly in the area of life indicated by the House placement and eventually expresses this through his relationships with others.

The opposing planets involved imply that the individual needs to develop more objectivity and greater awareness when dealing with the needs of others. Consequently, the Apex planet that squares both planets often heighten the level of awareness in him and also tends to intensify feelings of inner strife, frustration and tension associated within. Hence, if the energies of the Apex Planet are mismanaged, the opposing planets tend to create much discord with each other in a self-sabotaging manner. At the same time, the Apex planet is able to play a mediating role, if handled skilfully.

Unlike the Grand Square which is essentially a closed structure that is able to support itself more sufficiently, the T-Square is more energizing, self-motivating and less self-contained as implied by the empty leg opposing the Apex planet in the chart. When positively manifested and applied to real life, the T-Square can often instill a strong sense of purpose and drive in an individual, propelling him to greater heights of success by eventually overcoming obstacles and challenges in his path.

The T Square Sometimes Known As The T Cross

Cardinal T-Square

Individuals with this aspect in their charts possess the vitality, assertion and drive to direct their energies into their immediate goals. They are often the highly energetic and restless types who carry out their desires impulsively without sufficient planning. Because the urge to manifest their impulses into action is so great, they are likely to find themselves constantly in a frenzy, beginning numerous projects sometimes simultaneously but lacking the stamina to see them through.

Crises seem to be the order of the day and they are likely to live their lives on adrenalin pumping highs and lows. Nevertheless, he is eager to make an impact on his surroundings through his actions. The lesson therefore, is to look before leaping by giving more forethought and planning to the motives rather than just plunging into action recklessly. Self-discipline and patience in awaiting results and outcomes are particularly important traits that individuals with this aspect need to incorporate into the personality.

Fixed T-Square

Individuals with this aspect in their charts tend to be rather rigid and stubborn when it comes to releasing what they regard to be of real meaningful value. The urge and desire to attach, retain and possess is extremely strong in them, resulting in a fixated rigidity that can cause much disruption to their interpersonal relationships. Because they tend to be rather demanding and unbending in their needs, this can give off a rather repelling energy to those around them, blocking any efforts to come to a compromise.

Thus, the lesson is for them to incorporate more awareness and respect of others’ values and desires. Nevertheless, such individuals are driven to build something long-lasting and stable in their lives and their intense determined goal-oriented natures can focus and work towards this single-minded goal. It is particularly in the department of life revealed by the House placement that the individuals tend to perform rather poorly as adjustment and adaptability to external changes are made grudgingly. This situation is exacerbated if harsh planets such as Saturn or Pluto operates as the Apex planet. Tension may build up immensely in these individuals until they learn to find suitable outlets for the release of such pent-up frustration and self-destructive energies.

Mutable T-Square

Individuals with this aspect in their charts are prone to suffering from strain to their nervous systems as they are often plagued by restlessness, living in a state of mental flux. There is a tendency to live in the moment without much planning ahead, resulting in a lot of vacillation and indecisiveness where decision-making and life direction are concerned. There is a tendency to spread themselves too thin, resulting in them being ‘Jacks of all trades, Masters of none’. Since such individuals tend to operate mainly from the intellectual realm and accumulate knowledge extensively, they often release their inner tension via intellectual pursuits as well.

With a lack of self-discipline, structure and consistency, problems are likely to surface in their interpersonal relationships which are deemed too unstable and insecure for their partners. Hence, the lesson for them is to incorporate more determination and grounded stability into their plans and actions as they tend to adapt and bend over backwards too easily for others. Life will bring them situations whereby they are compelled to be firm and decisive when it comes to decision-making, becoming more consistent and reliable in their actions.