The Weight Lifting Basics You Need To Know

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The weight lifting basics you need to know are history, body composition, ripped muscles, muscular endurance and anatomy. In the paragraphs that follow, I will talk in detail about why you need to know these basics.

One of the weight lifting basics you need to know is weight lifting history . Knowing its history would not help your work out or make you look buff in the gym. But, it will help you build you knowledge or information about it. This would help you understand its origins and how it has changed over the years to what it is today.

Second of weight lifting basics you need to know is body composition . Body composition is an important factor to know in order for you to understand your body. It is what the body is made up of in simple terms. It is a little bit complex than that. Knowing it would enable you to work on increasing one component while decreasing another component. It would also enable you to know what to eat and to come up with a workout program that matches your goals.

The Weight Lifting Basics You Need To Know

The third basic you need to know is muscular anatomy . In simple terms muscular anatomy is how a muscle(s) is made up. If you know how a muscle is made up for example gastrocnemius , you would be able to know what exercises to perform on it and what amount of force you should exert on it.

The fourth basic you need to know is muscular endurance . It is another term that’s used to refer to a muscle. It is what determines how long a muscle can perform an exercise or exercises before fatigue. Determining your level of muscular endurance for a specific muscle would help you come up with techniques of working on it to improve or maintain it.

The fifth and last basic you need to know is a popular one. It is called ripped muscles . You may have heard someone ask, “How do I get ripped muscles?” or your attention may have been captured by a headline in a fancy magazine that reads “ways to get ripped muscles.” These are some of the examples of how it is a popular term. Some weight lifters work toward getting ripped muscles. By knowing what they are, you would know components that are needed to build them. Therefore, you also can be able to work towards getting them.