The Whole World Can Become a Potential Exercise Ring

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That’s a fact jack; make the world your exercise ring.

It’s entirely possible with the properly designed and presented fitness training program to choose any place with-in reason to perform exercise.

In this article I hope to enlighten those of you who desire extreme flexibility when it comes to training locations. Ideally I hope not to band any particular approach such as video’s or the local gym for training. I hope to present a solution that will combine some or all of the previous avenues providing the best of all worlds with one fitness training concept! OK, ready to make the whole world your exercise ring, here it goes!

Videos are a great source of instruction, but let’s review some limitations for a moment. First and probably the most apparent is the fact that you are in fact limited to an exercise program deliverable by T.V. you must be in front of one watching or listening. Secondly is there anywhere out there a truly full program, one with many hours of chooses as far as training routines go. Some may have a four or five hour program that you must repeat over and over, which is fine if it works for you, but I thought I should mention this anyway because after doing it a couple of times it could become a bit stale, as well as being stuck to the same location day in and day out.

Gyms are fine and they certainly have there place, but what if your visually impaired or blind, do must of these gyms provide the added features for one with these additional concerns? In my experience the answer is a definite no. I know if gyms do provide extra attention to these clients, there few and far between. Secondly, you know there’s the gym membership dues, I understand it’s a business and needs to produce profits, I’m just helping to form a bigger picture here so please bear with me.

The Whole World Can Become a Potential Exercise Ring

Now you might have your own equipment in your home, which of course has its own particular pros and cons.

Alright you read some of my thoughts about these methods of fitness training, there all fine (and I have all three) but they have there limiting factors and even (if you ask me exclude entire groups of people) so let’s think out of the exercise boxes and in to the new exercise ring potentials.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to stick with a program that you could combine with these traditional methods but that would also stand on its own? I’m talking about a program which allows for real freedom, and for a greater amount of people. A great program which allows you to train effectively with a minimum amount of equipment, like say, a set of head phones!

Finally, here’s what I came up with, real-time fitness training programs in audio MP3 personal player sound ! When delivered in such a way like “real-time audio” (I’ll explain what I mean in a minute) there’s none of the limiting factors of the past and your exercise ring now surrounds the globe.

What I mean by real time is the method of the audio instruction, it’s “in the living moment”, timed to the minute. It’s like having your personal trainer right there with you, where ever you decide to be. Even with a visual impairment an audio program specifically designed with your concerns in mind gives you the freedom you’ve always desired in a training program.

Again all of the above mentioned formats of fitness training are great, but I thought that I should share with you what I believe to be is the most freeing and inexpensive way to literally change options about where to train, so get out of the box, and make the world your exercise ring!

By Jettic Ram