The X-Files: Truth to Seducing Women

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Here is the truth to seducing women. While it is great to have self-help advice and be confident in yourself, none of that matters. What matters is what you need to do A, in order to achieve B, seducing women. Therefore, I will NOT bore with such subjects.

I will not even bore you with deciding what you want in a women. While some people may find particular girls attractive, I think the majority of men can agree on the SAME thing. A girl who has a nice ass and tits (or at least one or the other). The truth is that if a girl is good looking and attractive, that same girl will be considered good looking and attractive to the majority of other men.

And the truth is, if you had a chance you would do her. No questions asked.

The X Files: Truth to Seducing Women

So while it is nice to figure out if you’re looking for a girlfriend, friends with benefits, a wife, or a life partner, it DOESN’T matter! If you find this shocking, than in a moment I think you’ll understand why.

The basic principle is that it ALL starts at the same place: ATTRACTION. Than it must go somewhere: SEXUAL ESCALATION. After that it doesn’t matter.

If you didn’t understand the last sentences, I’ll explain. Basically, you need to ATTRACT a girl first, than you MUST turn that ATTRACTION into SEXUAL ESCALATIOIN. After you’ve had sex with a girl, than she is basically yours. You’ve broken all the barriers and now you can take it anywhere you want. Needless to say, I don’t think it makes much of a difference if you consider her your girlfriend, friends with benefits, or a wife as long as you’re fucking her.

So now to the meat of the subject. How do you seduce women? How do you attract and than turn this into sexual escalation?

The truth is this…

Now BEFORE I proceed, I WARN you what I’m going to share with you will change your life. If you’re willing to take my advice and act on it, than YOU WILL see RESULTS.

However, I must also warn you that what you’re about to read may not be what you had in mind. If it was obvious than you obviously would be having more success with women. But you don’t, so that’s why you’re here (yes yes you don’t need to lie about it).

And if you find either my language or what I’m about to tell you HARSH, RUDE or OBNOXIOUS, than too bad. You can either click away or read a different article.

But if you want to know the truth, I will tell you as I have promised.

The truth is…

In order to successfully attract and sexually escalate your relationship with a woman…

You must act evil, selfish, vindicative and only care about you (which is selfish).

Let me repeat, you must act evil, selfish, vindicative and only care about YOU.

If you’re laughing, I won’t dismiss it so early. Like I said, obviously if you had the success you’re looking for then you wouldn’t be here. If you’re cringing when reading this or thinking about it then you know its real. BECAUSE the truth hurts!

You see, seduction is a dark art. It lives in the subconscious and evokes our emotions and feelings.

On the other side, is LOGIC and what I call Mr. Nice Guy. This evokes logic in a woman. She sees you as a caring and compassionate man. You’re a gentleman and therefore she wants to take her time with you. She wants to take it SLOW and, “really get to know you.” (How many times have you heard that?)

But if you want to seduce a woman, you must evoke her emotions and feelings. And the best way to do this is to act evil, selfish and vindicative. (Essentially all the negatives).

I will go into more detail in my other articles.

But before I leave you, if you’re questioning what I’m saying, let me ask you this. Out of all the buttons you could have clicked on the right hand side of this website (I’m talking about the little boxes that run down the left hand side, and there are a number of them), why did you specifically click on this one?

Is it because it said “X-files?”

I’m sure you know what X-files probably stands for.

So…ask yourself, did you click specifically on this button that said “X-file” (not including that the button is all the way at the bottom) because you too were attracted to the forbidden, the dark art, and could not resist?