The Yorkshire Terrier – Cheeky Chappie of the Canine World

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The Yorkshire Terrier   Cheeky Chappie of the Canine World

Life Span: 13-15 years
Special Skills: None
Suitability with Children: Has a tendency to be territorial, so may be aggressive towards small children who will invade their space.
Suitability with Other Pets: Yes, although has a tendency to be headstrong, which could lead to being harmed by large dogs. You see, the thing is – a yorkie thinks he is HUGE!
Living Conditions: Suitable for apartment living or for homes with little to no yard.
Trainability: A headstrong dog that will need consistency and stability.
Intelligence: High.
Exercise Required: Low.
Cost of Maintenance: Very High, due to long coat and need for daily brushing and regular grooming.
Common Ailments: Tendency towards bad teeth or dental problems, mostly due to a small, overcrowded mouth. Yorkshire Terriers also have a tendency towards illness because of their small stature and inability to ward off sickness.
Breed Characteristics:

Affectionately coined the “Yorkie,” these tiny, dainty dogs, weighing an average of 6-8 pounds, are a bundle of energy. They absolutely love being lap dogs, though, and wouldn’t mind going everywhere with their owners. This means driving in the car on a lap and even sitting in your lap as you are doing computer work. Once you have befriended a Yorkshire Terrier, you have a friend for life, as they are fiercely loyal. This loyalty may result in them being territorial of their space as well as their owners, although if brought up with children and animals, they will be fine.Yorkshire Terriers are not dogs who like to be ignored and truly cannot be ignored because of their grooming needs. Yorkies have long bluish to tan colored fur that will need to be trimmed, brushed on a daily basis and shampooed on a regular basis. Unfortunately, although they are adorable dogs that love their owners, some owners end up turning them over because of grooming problems, so this really needs to be taken into consideration before bringing home a Yorkie.