Therapeutic Activities On Self Esteem

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Following are some therapeutic activities on self esteem.

Rediscovering Your dreams can be an essential part of valuing who you are and improving self esteem. What actually motivates you? Once you uncover and connect to your passion, motivation is a natural state. What is it that makes you tick? Today you will learn to listen to your own heart: Find what your dreams are, let them re-emerge. The first step is recognizing that you do have dreams. Everybody is born with them, you have them too.

One of my most riveting early memories was when I was about 5 years old. I remember sitting on the floor in an old house in Boston MA where we lived. I was playing with toy cars, running them around on the old carpet, pretending the patterns were roadways and cities. I looked up around me at the adults seated in chairs around me, they looked so serious and miserable. I actually remember myself promising that I would never forget how to play. Now I realize that this was a pivotal point in my life because forgetting how to play is what happens to us. When I say “play” I mean that endless flight of imagination, the very source of creation, that is eventually dispersed as we grow older. Where I saw cities and roadways to grand adventures ahead, they saw nothing but a drab, beat up old carpet on the floor. We all still retain that ability, but it has been suppressed. It is still there however diminished it appears to be.

So the very first thing we are going to do is to reconnect with those dreams that have been pushed aside. There are a number of time-tested methods that are used around the world to get in touch with the creative part of yourself once more. Meditation is one of the key methods and has been used for generations for this purpose.

Therapeutic Activities On Self Esteem Meditation Exercise:

1) Prepare for the Mediation Exercise: This exercise will require you to listen to an audio exercise. You will also need about 30 minutes of personal time without interruption. Find a quiet place where you have access to the audio, and where you will not be disturbed by phone, pager or person (kids pets and imaginary friends included!) You will also need a paper and pen.

2) Begin the guided meditation:

Therapeutic Activities On Self Esteem

Be patient as it may take a couple moments for the meditation audio to open. Once you have listened to and followed the guided meditation audio: Take your pen and paper and begin Step 3:

3) Focus your thoughts on what makes you happy, then just start writing, words, sentences, even broken phrases, whatever bubbles to the surface that makes you smile, feel good about life, whatever you truly enjoy. Dreaming is an essential vehicle of manifestation in life and part of building up self esteem is to understand this and become someone resilient enough to defend those dreams making sure that the world benefits from your dreams instead of having them melt under the pressure of negativity. So one of the primary therapeutic activities on self esteem is that first you yourself must recognize the value of your own dreams. This exercise is meant to make you, relax, enjoy the process and smile.

Here is an excerpt from my book “Firewalker” sharing a guided meditation experience that had:

“I relaxed, and my thoughts took me quite easily to that place. Very real in the darkness of the auditorium, the visualization beguiled into existence something from nothing.

I felt myself drifting, the soft creak of a small rowboat beneath me, moving gently with the current. I lay looking up at the sky from its floor. I smelled the stain of the old wood and felt the rough oars resting in the bottom of the boat next to me. My hand trailed over the edge, dipping into the cool water, lazily drawing little patterns of energy in curls behind the boat: soft white clouds drifted through the blue sky. The teachers voice continued, drawing my attention to the shore. I marveled at the gentle strength and power of suggestion, and at myself. I owned the power to create this internal world at will. Today he guided it, but it was my own creation. ‘Now you are on the seashore, your boat has docked, you are walking…’

The sun-warmed sand felt soft beneath my feet. The sound of waves splashed gently on the shore and I caught the scent of wild flowers. Small purple pea blossoms bobbed in the breeze, their delicate tendrils reaching up to grasp at the air. I heard seagulls and sandpipers, and felt the breeze on my cheeks as I looked out over the vast river. A sense of peace engulfed me. I remained in my own inner world, guided to the shores of my own private sanctuary.”