There are two basic ways to learn foreign vocabulary

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Basically, there are two ways to learn vocabulary

  • Use Flash Cards to learn French vocabulary: make you own
  • Invest in a pack of index cards.

Write French words or phrases on one side and the English equivalent on the other. Then, all you have to do, is use a spare moment to flick through your cards. You can store cards / words you know and repeat those you still need to learn. Short phrases, meaningful ‘soundbites’ are best.

Try to make a habit of reading the French vocabulary ALOUD. You are doubling your learning power by LISTENING to the word as well are reading it! Be selective. Only learn vocabulary that you need: your hobbies, work, lifestyle. If you don’t follow football, don’t bother learning football terminology! FOCUSED learning wins hands down each time.

You will be amazed and delighted at how quickly you can build up quite a store of useful French Vocabulary.

There are two basic ways to learn foreign vocabulary

To get you started here are some nice free resources just waiting for you.

For intermediate to Advanced learners, here is a comprehension database of IT terminology. This great resource was built in Quebec and as the Michelin Guides say of superb restaurants, this site merits a detour – if you are a Geek!

Use your Dictionary to imprints French vocabulary on your mind. Consult a good dictionary. Find out all you can about the new word. It seems that the very effort of looking up a word helps imprint it in your mind. (Don’t believe me: read about this research by Grabe & Stoller, 1997). Get into the habit of looking up a few words at the end of each study session. Maybe, you would like to keep a journal of interesting words / phrases you’ve discovered. Or, add them to your Flash Cards, or, your Online Vocabulary Builder.

Regular French Dictionary work will certainly pay off in confidence-building and speed up your reading skills. Successful language learners use a French Dictionary regularly. Using the dictionary gives you a much more accurate understanding of words. You also remember words you look up better and use them more confidently.

Consult this Online French Dictionary regularly.

The good news is: learning French Vocabulary isn’t an endless tunnel. You can achieve your goal with a realistic approach. Experts reckon that a mere 3,000 words are enough for study in French. OK, it would be better to have more. But, 3,000 words is a really ‘learnable’ objective, so set to it, and enjoy building your French vocabulary.