There is more than one battery in hybrid cars. Battery Car Hybrid

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Gas is saved and pollution reduced because of help from the battery in hybrid cars.

Hybrid cars have two types of batteries; a conventional car battery, and the high voltage battery used to power the electrical motor.

Upon examination, the batteries used to energize the electrical power trains of hybrids are remarkably different from the batteries used in common cars. They are made with the ability to be fully discharged and recharged on a daily basis. This is denoted by the term Deep Cycle Batteries.

There is more than one battery in hybrid cars. Battery Car Hybrid

The batteries in hybrid cars are made of Nickel-hydride (NiMH) and Lithium-ion which helps to shrink their size and weight. This doesn’t help with the cost though. The expense of replacing the battery in hybrid cars is several thousand dollars, although manufacturers have reported not having to replace any so far. I wonder if this will become a problem as time goes on.

There are problems associated with conventional gas engines and electrical motors. Big gasoline engines can be impressive in horsepower and show, but this creates problems in fuel consumption and pollution. The engines are larger, and have more horsepower than they need most of the time. On the other hand electric engines used in Car Hybrids don’t have enough power to last for long. When the gasoline car doesn’t need the power it has too much; and when the electric car needs power most it doesn’t have enough.

Once moving, very little horsepower is required to keep vehicles going. Thus, the battery car hybrid assists the gasoline engine in getting the car moving. Or in the case of a full hybrid, the electrical motor completely powers it on it’s own until the gas power is needed at higher speeds. This marriage of both gas and electric systems is beneficial to promoting improved gas mileage and cutting down on pollution.

There are a lot of new ideas for improving batteries. One new battery technology that could be of help to hybrid cars holds the possibility of very fast recharging which would be helpful when the battery is experiencing heavy demand. “NEC Corp has developed a battery that can be recharged only in 30 seconds.” This is called an Organic Radical Battery . Current Hybrid Car batteries are expensive to make and add to the vehicles’ expense. Another version of the Lead-acid BattCap hybrid battery is being considered for its lower cost of manufacturing. It is exciting to see new technology advancing concepts for the Battery in hybrid cars previously thought impossible.