Thermal woven fabric to cover windows

by Rita
(Manhattan NYC)

I have custom made blinds in our apartment in Manhattan but for two months July and August, we are closing our apartment to live in our vacation house.

The Condo Board does not allow us to keep the AC on at all. I need some thermal woven fabric to simply tape onto our South eastern exposure windows in order to keep the heat and sun out somewhat………….!

Our windows have full length built in screens but I am leaving some windows cracked for air and I would like to put a fabric that will repel moisture in the event of serious rain……………Any suggestions?

I do not want to spend a lot of money nor do I want curtains. How can I tape the fabric to the windows with tape that will last but will not make to much of a mark on the windows…………

Thermal woven fabric to cover windows

Hi Rita

I think you have really stumped me with this one.

1. You need the window covering to be heat repellent.

2. A sun screen.

3. Water repellent.

4. Fixing tape that leaves little or no marks.

The truth is I have never heard of a fabric that has all these properties. Even if there was such a fabric the tape would probably not hold for 2 months with wind, rain and the sun.

I will ask about to see if any of my colleagues can offer any advice. Sorry to not have an answer to your question.

Best Regards