Tim and his mother on a streak run

My mom and I are streak running, which means we run at least 1 mile each day. It all started a couple of years ago when my mom wrote about a man in the town I live in who was celebrating his 30th straight year of streak running.

Two years after she wrote that article she said, “Remember my article about that man who was celebrating his 30th year of streak running? “I said “yes.” She said, “Want to try to do it ourselves?” I said, “Sure, want to start in a few days?” And she said, “If you want to!”

She thought we would have a lot of little streaks, but we have only had one streak! She also thought that we were only going to make it 4 days, but then we made it past 4 days. She then had a dream that we made it 16 days, but then we made it past 16 days. As of today we are at 148 days!

The first three days I couldn’t run the whole thing, but then on day four of our streak, for the first time, I ran the whole time! Since that day I have run the whole thing.

The hardest day for me so far was back in January. It was 14 degrees, and real icy. The wind was blowing real hard (at times probably 25 MPH) which made the wind chill about (-)10 degrees. At the end of that run my cheeks and hands felt like they were frostbit.

One day we even ran six miles (so far that’s the longest distance at a time for us)! I was fine threw 5-1/2 miles, then my throat started to hurt, my mouth started to get dry, and my legs started to ache.

Tim and his mother on a streak run

I then saw two poles with yellow flags on them. I knew that those flags meant only one-tenth of a mile left. I then saw the train that marked the end. Thankfully, we sat down and had a drink.

I hope we continue to keep on running and don’t break our streak!