Time You Waste

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This article on “Time You Waste” will serve a dual-purpose.

First purpose – to piss you off.

There. I said it… Sometimes the only language we understand is the most upfront, and to the point. I know that if you feel some sense of being uncomfortable, then I have done my job in making you aware that something needs correction. Second purpose – to make you move…

Once we have discovered that there is a problem, then we can then take the action to fix it.

With that out in the open….here we go…

I will take a guess that most personal development junkies plow through article after article, blog post after blog post in search of the “stuff” that miracles are made of. The “make the earth green” people will be happy to know that the field of self-improvement is also deeply involved in recycling. The information we use is recycled and reused by people everywhere. Call it whatever you want…re-hashed, re-made, re-gifted…You can only decorate the salad so many different ways….but it will never taste like a steak…

Without using a bunch of ego-driven, self-absorbed, status-enhancing psycho babble, I will attempt to break this down to the most basic of concepts. We all want the good life.

Time You Waste

Whatever comes to mind when I say that – only you know. Great relationships, buckets of money, life on the beach, superior health – you know what you want. Everyone reading this should have all of that and then some ! So we know what we want to achieve; now…how do we get there? The number of solutions is essentially endless.

But you do know…you need to do… something…

so…….what are you doing?

I recently heard an interesting comment on the Morning Coach podcast. To paraphrase the idea…

How much time do you actually waste not working on something that will bring you closer to your goals…? There are numerous pockets of time we throw away…many of which we don’t even realize. Are some of these your biggest time leeches…?

Think about it…TV, internet-surfing (not including this site !), sleeping in on the weekends, etc. I understand everyone needs some relaxation activities, but lets not get carried away. How about the minutes you waste bitching about why things aren’t better, or your stupid co-workers and incompetent bosses. Could you be wasting your precious time trying to find or impress a “significant other” rather than working on making YOURSELF more successful…?

How about what you do after work ?

Are you flopping down on the couch to absorb some season-long, crap-reality television show? Perhaps you prefer to mix it up with the latest 24 hour online video-game marathon?

What’s in store for your weekend?

Ahhh…it’s finally Friday night ! Time to strip off the work duds and throw on some “inactive-wear.” What’s it gonna be? A night full of take-out food and some adult-beverages while we occupy some couch-time. Why not try to hook up with some “like-minded” individuals at the local watering-hole?

Let me let you in on a little secret…

NEWSFLASH !!None of this garbage is going to make your life any better !

I found this to be a fascinating way of looking at things. It really displays a piece of why some people are successful and the reasons others remain stuck. As an experiment, try keeping track of your time, and what you do as the week passes. With the exception of your job (and actually WORKING PRODUCTIVELY), school, and legimitate family responsibilities – jot down how much of your life you eat up with non-productive activities. It’s pretty amazing…!

The goal achievement process is not something that happens overnight. It takes hard work, determination and focus. That is your answer to the “HOW.” The only ingredient you need to add to it is action ! Can you find some time to make your life extraordinary ? Is what you hope to achieve in its beginning stages? Do you even have a goal that you want to achieve? When it comes right down to it…are you the talker…or the do-er?

It doesn’t seem to me – with all that time you waste – that you are the do-er… Prove me wrong…!

Now stop screwing around and get to it.. !