Tippmann A-5 Review


The Tippmann A-5 takes the older Model 98 and the Fully Auto models and gives them a good workover, making many improvements while keeping that rugged, ready-for-action feel as well not letting the A-5 slip on the super-reliability front. The price of the Tippmann A-5 moves the marker into more of the mid-price range territory, but for snappy 12-17 balls per second (bps) feed rate this baby can churn out, and an 8 bps fire rate, it has one of the highest feeding and firing rates in its price range. The 12 bps the Tippmann A-5 can punch out in feed is courtesy of the innovative pneumatic cyclone feed system that’s been built in, replacing the older mechanical feed system of the Fully Auto model. However, even at 12 bps, any ball jamming or breaking in the hopper is pretty darn rare. How’s that for reliability!!

The other complaint of the 98 Model was that it was a little tricky to strip and maintain, involving the use of allen keys to strip the insides. No such problem with the Tippmann A-5!! No tools necessary, and once you’ve gotten a feel for stripping the gun, it shouldn’t take any longer than around two minutes.


· Semi Automatic
· Can CO2, compressed air and nitrogen powered
· 0.68 Calibre
· Hopper capacity: 200
· Firing rate: 8 bps
· Feed rate: 17 bps via cyclone feed system
· Weight: 3.5 lbs (without tank)
· Standard Trigger
· 8.5” Stock Barrel
· Effective range of +150 ft

Tippmann A 5 Review

What you get in the box

· Barrel Plug
· Extra tank O-ring
· 3 allen keys
· Packet of gun oil
· Cable squeegee
· Wide mouth hopper
· Owners manual plus one year warranty from Tippmann


You could say flashy gun cosmetics were never high on Tippmann’s’ agenda, some of their guns are pretty bland, but lets be fair, they do what they are supposed to do, and more importantly they do it consistently!! Although, to give credit to the A-5, its one of Tippmann’s better looking creations. In general, I would also have say that the Tippmann A-5 has a more distinct “military” feel than its predecessor, the Model 98,

Black seems to be a recurring theme too with Tippmann paintball guns, although there is a camouflage option with this model (as is with the Model 98), which would go down a treat with the woodsball players!!

The Tippmann A-5 also has somewhat of a chunky feel to it, mainly due to its hopper being on the slightly rotund side.

Looks in a nutshell:

Black, sleek, military and clean. Maybe a tad on the chunky side


· Innovative cyclone feed system
· 4 Push-pin system for easy maintenance and stripping
· Bottom line adaptor
· Carbine barrel threads
· Open sight aiming
· Removable grip frame

How does this baby shoot??

Like the barrel of the Tippmann Model 98, the barrel that comes as standard with the Tippmann A-5 is pretty good at fairly short distances, but has problems with accuracy beyond a certain range. It is my recommendation that one of the first investments you make as a proud new owner of a Tippmann A-5 is to buy a different barrel, check out the upgrade options part of the review.

The 12-17 bps that the Tippmann A-5 can proudly feed into its loading chamber and the 8bps fire rate, is, quite frankly, intimidating Tippmann A 5 Review . As I mentioned in the intro, for this price range, it is hard to match the firepower of the A-5!! Get a response trigger upgrade for this baby (once again, see upgrade options), and then you have one lethal weapon at hand for your close game. With a certain barrel you could even pass the gun off as a sniper-style weapon; check the upgrade options to see what sniper barrels I recommend for the A-5.

How the Tippmann A-5 shoots, in a nutshell: For its price, the firepower of the A-5 is hard to match. However, if its longer-range shooting you want, I recommend investing in a different barrel (see upgrade options).


Besides the addition of the cyclone feed system, the next biggest improvement Tippmann made from the Model 98 and F/A models to the A-5, is that it offers a quicker and less cumbersome stripping and maintenance experience. You can keep the allen keys safe in your toolbox for the time being, there are four “push-pins”, two of which are located at the rear of the gun, that when removed reveal the “guts” of the Tippmann A-5 gun. Take note, if you buy the gun straight from the factory or of the shop shelf, the push-pins maybe a little on the stiff side to remove.

Maintenance in a nutshell:

The push pin system makes the faffing around with the allen keys that you needed to do with the Model 98, seem like field stripping and maintaining the A-5 a walk in the park

Suitable for…

This gun is most definitely better suited for rec play, woodsball and scenario type. Due to the bulkiness of the feed hopper you’d make quite a nice target holding the A-5 in tourney/speedball play, so it’s a bit of a no-no gun for those areas.

The Tippmann A-5 I would say is for the slightly more experienced but still recreational player who is looking to upgrade his or her firepower to the next level. But if you’re a newbie with a bit of money and looking to buy a first gun, you could do a hell of a lot worse than investing in this fantastic specimen of a paintball gun!!

Well, lets round this all up shall we…

Well, Tippmann have done it again!! They have taken the solid, reliable designs of the Model 98 and F/A and given them a blistering 12-17 bps feed rate and 8 bps fire rate while still having little ball breaks in the feed hopper or misfires. Couple this with much improved, easier field stripping and maintenance and Tippmann’s 1-year warranty (full parts and labour), you have an awesome package for the price!! The accuracy of the barrel is the only draw back I can see, so if you wanna buy a Tippmann A-5 make sure you budget for a new barrel!!

For beginners that don’t want to splash out $369 dollars on a gun straight away but want a Tippmann, check out the Tippmann 98 or 98 Custom

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4 and a half splats (out of five)