Tips and Strategies to help your Child Learn French Vocabulary

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  • Read a book in French to your child. This is an excellent way to help you child learn French vocabulary. Experts assure us that even when a baby can hardly sit up yet, books can help your child learn French.
  • An added bonus is the emotional bonding between you and your child.
  • Dad (and Mom) can enjoy quality time with a child of any age, enjoying French, singing, learning rhymes, reading fun, kiddies books. What an ideal introduction for your child to the multicultural world of to day!
  • Above all, keep it SIMPLE, stress-free. Don’t worry about grammar, nor about mistakes. Mistakes are a natural part of learning a new language for all of us.
  • Link basic French vocabulary to your child’s favourite cuddly toys , to visits to the zoo, the shopping mall, to all the things that are familiar to your child.
  • Dolls and other loved cuddly toys are terrific ways to link to French vocabulary. French-speaking doll!) (You can even buy a cute
  • Use pots, pans, and household ‘props’ as well. (Yawkey & Trostle, 1982).
  • Sing ‘kiddie’ songs in French – Frère Jacques, Sur le Pont d’Avignon etc.
  • Let your child learn French the fun way: this is how they will make real, lasting headway.
  • Magnetic Poetry Kits are available in French could prove a useful gimmick to focus an enthusiastic child on learning even more French vocabulary. Magnetic Poetry World Series Kits are the international versions of the popular American phenomonen. Each was created by native speakers of the respective language, and care was taken to bring out the poetic delights of their mother tongue. This is a great fun way to help you child build French vocabulary!
  • Hippocrene Children’s

    Illustrated English French Dictionary is worth a look for the older child who is learning French.. Krashen and other experts stress the importance and usefulness of building French vocabulary. This beautifully illustrated dictionary is a treasure.
    Tips and Strategies to help your Child Learn French Vocabulary
    Each word is accompanied by illustrations of things belonging to your child’s world: people, animals, flowers, colors, numbers, and activities. This gives a helpful visual element to the language learning making it easier and more enjoyable than ever. French words are accompanied by common-sense phonetic pronunciation which is also a help for the more enthusiastic child..