Tips For Choosing Columbia Hiking Boots

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Trying to figure out which Columbia hiking boots are best for your needs is pretty easy. They have only a few models available and limited technical terminology. Here we will help you narrow down the options, understand the terminology, and provide you with background information on Columbia. All this will help you find the best Columbia boots for you.


Year founded : 1938
Headquarters : Portland, OR, USA
Corporate Social Responsibility : Columbia has a number of initiatives supporting organizations that specialize in human assistance, conservation, environment, arts, and education. The following lists many of these:

  • Rethreads program – provides returned or flawed garments to people in need in the USA
  • Employee volunteer program – supports various causes :
    • Start Making A Reader Today
    • The American Society
    • American Heart Association
  • Summit III – corporate giving program that takes place in three stages over three years for eligible organizations
  • ’5.4′ program – provides grants
  • Community Relations Purchase Program – purchase of equipment for youth agencies, shelters, schools, and other social service groups
  • Member of the Conservation Alliance

Gear Summary : Columbia only places light emphasis on hiking boots with a much stronger focus and product line for outdoor clothing. The few boots they do offer are meant for light backpacking and day hikes. They are designed to be breathable, light, and affordable for occasional hikers.

Tips For Choosing Columbia Hiking Boots

Grades of Columbia Hiking Boots:

Backpacking : Boots for backpacking with added stability, durability, and cushioning. The boots are a bit more rigid to accommodate carrying heavier packs. If you are heading out on a hike of multiple days and carrying a bit of extra weight and gear then these are the best Columbia hiking boots for you. Currently the only boot fitting this category is their Daska Pass OT.

Hiking : The level of boot for most hikers. They are lightweight, athletic and breathable. If you are often going out for day hikes with rocky terrain and of distances anywhere from 3 to 10 or more miles than this is the boot grade for you. Columbia’s Laman Peak OT boot is best suited for this level of hiking.

Note: We haven’t included the gear intended for trail running, cross overs, or more urban adventures here. Tips For Choosing Columbia Hiking Boots

Columbia Hiking Boots Terminology:

This is a summary of the terminology that Columbia uses in its various grades of boots.

Backpacking – technology to improve durability

  • Titanium : branding of top line Columbia gear
  • Contour Comfort 3G : triple density footbed for added cushioning and support

Day Hiking technology

  • Contour Comfort™ 2D : dual density footbed for moderate cushioning

Other materials and sole technology

  • AgION : antimicrobial footbed to reduce foot odors
  • Omni-Tech : multi-layer weather protections. Blocks water on outside and allows perspiration from inside to evaporate