Tips For Choosing Your Web Page Software

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Whatever your needs are, there’s web page software out there for you. There’s some that help you build dynamic pages and others that let you create simple informational websites.

The neat thing is that with most web page software packages a novice can create a website without seeing any code!

No need to worry — no headaches trying to understand a technical language. You can also a site quickly with the pre-defined templates that come with most packages.

A lot of web page design packages seem frustrating when you start to use them — the learning curve can be an uphill climb.

Too often, though, web-design software feels arcane and impenetrable to all but the most experienced developers.

I’ve picked three programs to tell you about in this article; two of which have been designed specifically for beginners. The other is aimed at website builders with a little more experience.

If you create web pages using HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), most times you start with a blank page.

If you’re lucky you start with a blank page a a few drawings tools — then the instructions basically tell you to get busy and create something.

Ah, but most web page software come with pre-defined templates. If you feel you want to create a website from scratch, by all means do it.

Otherwise, I recommend that you consider using a web page software package that allows you to choose one of its templates to build a website.

Listen, most of these types of programs are built for the non-techie users anyhow. Plus, they usually come with good default settings like color coordination features and out-of-the-box built-in navigation.

Tips For Choosing Your Web Page Software

It’s not a perfect software world because some packages are harder to user than others — to be honest; it can be frustrating at times.

Here are few pointers before you make a decision…

  • It should work with HTML as well as XHTML web-design code.
  • Programs should support other web technologies like CSS, so that you can customize the look of your entire site — this is state of the art stuff. It’s a must have feature in today’s modern web design.
  • Look for a web page software package program that allows you to use scripting technologies and some dynamic web-design elements. This will allow you can add photo slideshows, videos, forms and widgets to your pages if you choose to do so in the future.

These are three popular web page software packages…

CoffeeCup HTML Editor 2009 – coffeecup.com

1. Beginners, meanwhile, get an excellent tutorial and a WYSIWYG editor that supports drag-and-drop.

2. Support forums are visited often on this site. There’s lots of samples and website templates included.

3. Useful Java based widgets such as calendars and calculators are available too.

4. You also get a complete list of tags. Inserting an image, a table, a list, or a menu is a snap.

5. Full-featured and easy to use — any users who are worried about the $50 price tag should be comforted by the fact that it comes with a lifetime free upgrades.

6. A trial version is available. Overall this web page software package give you great value at a low cost.

Windows Live Writer – microsoft.com

1. Windows Live Writer is a desktop application allows you to create blog posts using Windows Live Spaces or a blog service of your own choosing.

2. It comes with a WSYIWYG blog editor. You also get tools to publishing photos and maps.

3. It works with other weblogs like Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, or the very popular WordPress.

4. Make sure you get the latest version — this way you get the most recent updates, enhancements, and/or bug fixes.

5. Best of all — it’s FREE!

Adobe Dreamweaver – adobe.com

1. Dreamweaver is targeted at professional user, but it does a good job of bringing the latest web technologies within reach of the fairly new web designers.

2. CS4 is the latest version but if you get your hands a cheaper CS3 version I’m sure it’ll meet your needs.

3. The cost is kind of steep but if you can afford it and you want to use of of the best web page software applictions on the market then Dreamwever is good choice.