3 Tips For The Proper Swimming Pool Care

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Swimming Pool Care:

You’ve invested a ton of your hard earned cash into a sleek above ground pool installation. Now what? Enjoy it! Here are three great tips for proper swimming pool care.

- KEEP IT COVERED! When not in use, of course. This will keep the leaves, bugs, and debris from drifting into your pool. Consider a solar cover for your pool – this will not only protect your pool but will also heat the water. These covers will make it easier to spend more time swimming in – and less time cleaning – your pool.

- MONITOR YOUR Cl CONTENT. A drop in chlorine makes it easier for algae to grow, and that is not a good thing at all. Try to buy the Chlorine in canisters that can simply be inserted into your pool. These solutions practically eliminate the chance of using to much chlorine, yet are also easily replaced every month or so.

- CHANGE THE FILTER! Change it at the start of every summer.

Following these three simple rules will help you enjoy your investment for countless summers to come.

3 Tips For The Proper Swimming Pool Care3 Tips For The Proper Swimming Pool Care

Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners

The Three Types: Skimmer systems Booster-pump systems In-floor systems.

1) Booster-Pump Systems

Booster-pump cleaning systems involve putting on a separate pump that holds water that is on its way back to the pool after going through the filter or heater. The pump pushes the water, sending a stream through a hose attached to a cleaner that moves around the pool.

2) Skimmer Systems

The pool cleaner and skimmer connect and use the suction from the skimmer to vacuum the pool continuously. Use a vacuum hose to connect the skimmer suction open end with the head of the vacuum which then wanders aimlessly around the bottom of the pool.

With this type of cleaner, you need to ensure that the pump strainer stays clean. The strainer can get clogged with leaves and other things which reduce the suction. You can stop this by periodically cleaning the strainer or adding a leaf-collector to the hose.

3) In-Floor Systems

In-floor systems are built into the pool. You need to plan ahead if you want to have this kind of cleaning solution. In-floor cleaners are used with concrete pools and must be installed at the time the pool is constructed. These cleaners work by having heads that pop up on the bottom of the pool and spray jets of water to push the dirt toward the main drain. The cleaning takes place in the circulation system.