Tips for women about weight lifting

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I find bodybuilding and weight lifting for women near and dear to my heart (for obvious reasons). Your decision to start weight lifting is one of the best health decisions you could ever commit to. In this section I hope to address some mythical issues that unfortunately turn women away from this wonderful way to exercise.

First and foremost–We are WOMEN not men! Our bodies are biologically different than a man’s. Let me reassure you that lifting weights will not ruin your girlish figure. Our hormones lack the amount of testosterone, amongst other things, that cause muscle size not desired by a woman.

My Story- Why I lift weights

I am 29 years old and have been into weight lifting/bodybuilding for approximately 5 years. As a child I was not much into sports. I grew up in a family very health conscious but never steered towards any particular form of exercise. After the birth of my third child I was desperate to lose those wonderful baby pounds. Being a little impatient, I decided to turn to a fat burner. It was the latest and greatest on the market!!

Tips for women about weight lifting

I thought I was on my way to a better body and healthier lifestyle. I knew very little about health and fitness. After about six months I was so excited I had lost the weight. Looking in the mirror one morning I realized that I didn’t look very well. I had got to the point that I ate 1 meal a day and lived off of the “dietary supplement” that I was taking. Needless to say, I had lost the weight, the muscle and looked like I had hung my skin on a scrawny pile of bones.

This was my turning point. I knew I wanted to be healthy. I began to learn about weight lifting. I met with personal trainers. I worked out with experienced lifters and fed off their knowledge. Today I understand how important it is to be healthy and not skinny. Many girls and women get caught up in what we are supposed to look like and try to get that way doing anything possible.

Today I am a proud mother of 5 children. I have a full-time career. I am in great shape! I say this for encouragement. Never let time tell you that you can’t exercise. Visit the exercise section for some exercises that “real” people can do in times when there isn’t any.

Remember–You made the best commitment to your body!