Tips On Choosing Your New Home Plans

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In choosing your new home plans or your custom home plan’s design you will need to create a list of items that are most important to you.

Things such as kitchen fit and finish, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and style are among the obvious. Your new home should also meet your other needs which you might not have considered. Items such as number and size of windows, sizing and number of closets.

Do you require a lot of sunlight in your home? Perhaps the ceilings need to be 9 feet high or more. What about the direction the home faces, or how sunlight enters your home (direct or indirectly)? What about your needs in the kitchen – do you require a full walk-in pantry and a gourmet kitchen or do you want your kitchen to have a minimalist style?

Your new home prep work includes making a list of items that are important to you and designing that new home to include those items.

Now comes the fun of selecting the new home style that best reflects you. There are many styles and types of single family homes, among them are plans such as:

  • Colonial
  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Estate
  • Tudor
  • Farm House
  • Spanish Villa
  • Log Home

Tips On Choosing Your New Home Plans

and each of these “styles” of new home plans come in a variety of designs, from ranchers and bungalows to multi-levels, two stories, split-levels and more. These designs can become even more flexible especially when your lot or acreage requirements come into play. Do you want a front-side detached garage with carriage suite on top, or rear detached garage – single, double or triple?

Refine your requirements.

Have you thought of “Going Green” and included that criteria in the search for your plan? Not only does it help the environment, it also has a great “feel good” aspect about it.

Some builders and builder’s associations are picking up on this. Check carefully to be sure their “green” choices are in fact that and not hype. As we do more checking into those builders that actually produce a “WOW” green product, we’ll post it.

What about solar? There is passive solar heating home designs and solar homes sometimes referring only to the “powering” of the home. Check it out. The technology has come a long way in the last few years.

Staying in the city, but want a retreat in the country? Cottages are a wonderful place to escape and recharge. Finding that ideal place can be a challenge, but west of Edmonton in Alberta you can find some excellent cottage country.

Thinking mountains, something a bit more remote or more rugged? For terrain similar to Tahoe without the price, think British Columbia. For that remote, rugged, wilderness retreat, consider the interior of BC. One of our favorite spots is referred to as Kootenay Country

You’ve made your “dream home” list of must have items. It’s time to do a reality check. You may have selected your dream home, but WAIT — you may have the cart before the horse!

Have you chosen your parcel of land yet? Is it a Lot or an Acreage ? Have you even decided “WHERE”?

This brings us to a whole new set of items to be aware of BEFORE you finalize the exact style of new home you choose.