Tips on Home Security Cameras

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Home security cameras have gained popularity in recent years. Most often, they are used for monitoring activity and keeping the home secure. Some use security cameras as a way of keeping an “eye” on the babysitter, nanny, or even a housekeeper.

There are a few different types of systems, each with its own pros and cons. Basically, the two main types of home security camera systems are hard wired and wireless.

Wireless security cameras are probably the most popular. The reason for their popularity is that when home security camera systems are installed, wireless can be put pretty much anywhere you want them because there is no need to pull wire or run wire to a difficult location. This saves you excess time and money on top of the convenience.

Wireless security cameras work by sending a signal from the camera transmitter to a receiver. The receiver can then be connected to your television, a computer monitor, or even a VCR. Since there are no wires needed, you can put the receiver and cameras wherever you like.

Depending on which model you choose, the transmitter and receiver can be as far as 10 miles from one another. The signals can usually penetrate up to 8 walls of pretty much any material: plastic, wood, certain metals, and glass.

Tips on Home Security Cameras

No matter which types of cameras you are considering, there are some general things to keep in mind before and after your purchase:

Make sure your home security camera systems are going to show you what you want to see, e.g. certain areas of the home, specific activity, etc. Knowing what you want going in can help the salesperson suggest the perfect system for your home.

Once you have your system installed, put up signs somewhere around your house. If the cameras are outside, let people (and potential burglars) know they are being recorded as a deterrent and courtesy. If they are inside, you might want to let guests to your home know they are on camera.

One thing to avoid despite the temptation is dummy cameras. You will hear that they are a great deterrent, but for cameras on the outside of your home they can actually become a legal liability for you by creating a false expectation of safety. That is not something that always comes up when you are talking to a salesperson.

Security cameras are a great way to gain peace of mind. They can help you feel comfortable with your home when you are away and at ease when you are there. The key to getting the right one is to know exactly what type of home security camera system will work best for you. So whether you get hard wired cameras or a wireless home security camera system, be decisive and know what your home will best support.