Tips on Learning French comprehension

Learning French comprehension is a big undertaking. Before you start, give a bit of thought to where you should focus your efforts.

Respect your own special intelligence. Some of us shine at communicative French. Some of us find it relatively easy to understand written French or, indeed, spoken French, at French comprehension. Appreciate your favorite parts of learning French. Make the most of your natural skills.

Develop confidence in your own ability to understand spoken French

This is crucial. Of all the skills you need to learn French well, CONFIDENCE has to be one of the most important. Enjoy learning French. You will make more progress faster if you are at ease with French.

Developing Confidence is essential

When you are learning French Comprehension, you need to develop confidence to move beyond mere trust of your knowledge of French vocabulary and French grammar to lean on the huge range of skills you draw on everyday to decipher English language comprehension.


Tips on Learning French comprehension

No matter how good, French text books and French language courses can only help in part. They are tailor-made to introduce specific French language patterns or French grammar skills. Listening to AUTHENTIC French language, as for example, on radio or television, demands additional skills, additional daring. You are no longer in the controlled French language environment of the classroom.