Tips on purchasing baseball bats

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Purchasing aluminum baseball bats these days can be quite an expensive endeavor. Most higher end baseball bats are approaching $400. There are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most performance and durability out of your new bat.

Most new bats on the market are made of some highly sophisticated materials, metal mixtures, resins, interlaced fibers, etc. One tip should be followed for all of them: DO NOT USE THEM IN BATTING CAGES!

Most commercial batting cages use the yellow spongy balls that are meant to be hit thousands of times per year. They are heavier and more dense than a standard leather baseball/softball and will wear out your aluminum baseball bats quicker than normal balls.

If you absolutely must use the bat in a batting cage, buy a bat sleeve. These are neoprene covers that go over your bat and provide some cushioning between the bat and ball.

Most aluminum baseball bats are capable of lasting many seasons and many impacts over their lifetime. In order to maximize durability, it is important to spread out the impacts over time.

When used in situations where you will be hitting for an extended period of time, such as batting practice, you should rotate the bat in your hands one quarter turn after every swing. This will help spread out contact over the bat surface and help you avoid “dead” or “flat spots” in your bat.

Tips on purchasing baseball bats

Lastly, and most obviously, be selfish. Keep your aluminum baseball bats to yourself. Don’t let the whole team use it and abuse it. You paid good money for it, make sure it lasts YOU for a long time.